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  1. There really is no incentive to upload any new content anymore at least here at SS. The microstock model needs a big change.
  2. Just had 4 video sales totalling 1.04 USD can anyone beat that ?
  3. To be honest I have never had so many SODs, ODs and Els before. I disabled my account here in frustration with the new royalties but decided I reacted to quickly so reinstated sales. I do get a few 0.10ct sales but never had so many bigger sales ever before. This is also my experience at IS which everyone complains about but there I also get the odd 0.03ct sale, which is frustrating, but this is by far outweighed by the larger sales. So all in all I am still not happy with the fact that every January levels are reset but for me that is two months before I am back, hopefully. I lost two weeks o
  4. Let's suppose SS have a rethink and reverse the royalty rate and you reactivate your port to allow sales it will take 72hours to see your images again.
  5. Well SS is only any good now for images made on a smartphone. Not worth the effort producing quality images anymore. So I will be uploading thousands of smartphone images and see what happens. If they want to play hardball then so can we.
  6. Still getting sales at bigstock albeit at .27cts but more than the dreadful .10cts. here. Not sure if bigstock is affected by SS decision to get rid of contributors !!
  7. I did mean I agree to disable my portfolio on 1 June. I do not think it is right that they also give such short notice with these changes.
  8. Agree 1st June not much point submitting anymore. With all this lockdown I thought it was a April fools joke because I have lost track of time
  9. Just remember we own all the images, SS just sell our work for us, they own nothing. So we can only collectively do something as mentioned before to demonstrate our disgust. How can anyone make quality video or images which cost money to make and receive almost nothing in return and then every year reset to zero.
  10. What a joke I am 500 dis away from 10000 after 5 years and now this. Well does this inspire me to make new content, I don't think so. Quite the opposite.
  11. There are millions of very good food images already, so your competition is massive, it can also take a while for your images to appear in the search engine. However, if you take images of local delicacies special to a region or country then they can sell welI, obviously your description and keywords are just as important as the image, if not more so.
  12. Yes. The DJi copilot is what makes it possible not only as a backup but to avoid filling up the iPad with large files. It even charges the iPad not cheap but worth it when you are on your travels. Also I have an ethernet adapter for the iPad to upload quicker than using Wifi
  13. I use the iPad Pro 12,9 and DJi copilot 2TB external drive. DJi copilot has SD slot and you can put your card straight in and make a backup and edit your images/videos. I use LR and shoot jpeg as my Sony A73 doesn't need many adjustments only cropping. I use Lumifusion for 4k video editing and microstocker pro to upload to agencies and easyrelease app for releases. Also Imstocker is a great keyword tool. The iPad Pro 12,9 is faster than all my other macbook and desktop computers. Hope this helps
  14. The good news is I sold 3 videos today on SS. The bad news I got 60 cents per clip. Not really worth thinking about uploading new video footage to SS at these rates. Does anyone know how these rates come about?
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