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    How do I get clear photos from an old DSLR?

    What a shame this was a good thread and a lot of good advice, but you could not resist having a go at Laurin at any opportunity. Either keep your input positive or don’t bother. People here are trying to help not criticize.
  2. Goldsithney

    How do I get clear photos from an old DSLR?

    First of all you have some good experienced guys here giving you good free advice. Even Dave Smith coming out of retirement and posting here to help you is great, we hope you are back Dave to help as you helped me and others years ago. You are willing to learn and that is a breath of fresh air around here. Almost all of my bestsellers were made using a Nikon D3200. Put it this way if you had a Nikon D850 would your images be any better for stock? Light, composition and commercial value of images is really what you should be learning. Most images that sell are of boring stuff and people, this is important if you want sales. At some point you will learn photography and your images will be well exposed and sharp, then the work starts on learning how to make storytelling images not just photos and then researching and targeting your next shoot. Good luck.
  3. I would give it another day or two then the money will start rolling in😎
  4. Goldsithney

    Selling My kit

    Try the Olympus OMD EM1 MK2 with 12 - 100 f4 Zuiko pro, no tripod needed with 6.5 stops IBIS
  5. Goldsithney

    one year with Shutterstock

    pretty impressive. You have been busy. All the best for 2019
  6. Put it this way 95% of my sales have people in them. 4% are construction related the last 1% are of landscape travel and nature. Just letting you know what sells for me. Also you need to learn editing straight horizons shadow composition and all that first. A suggestion would be typical Indian family life at home. Everyone thinks landscape travel and nature is what sells. Most of us who have sales know it is not. Just because we may like a few of your images does not mean they will sell. Just that we like them. good luck
  7. Goldsithney


    Merry Christmas Laurin and everyone. Just remember when nothing goes right, turn left.
  8. Goldsithney

    Hard Drive Too Heavy

    if you crop your images before saving them then they will be a bit lighter😁
  9. I used the Tamron 90 mk1 2.8.fantastic. I also used the Tokina 100 ATX macro 2.8 also fantastic and a great portrait lens too. The Nikon 60 afd 2.8 is also a great cheap option from Ebay and Japan depends on what body you are using obviously. So there is enough choice if you know what you are doing, I have used them all on my Nikon D750. Now I use Olympus EM1 MK2 and the Oly 60mm 2.8 macro even better. Lighting and a tripod are always more important.
  10. Most of my best sellers were taken using the Nikon D3200 with 28-80 g lens but very importantly these shots were outside and I used fill flash. I found an old Nikon D50 in my garage recently and charged the battery and put on an old 35 f2 Nikkor and it works fine only 6mp but with a focus motor I can use old glass. Also has 500 flash sync. When shooting Raw and bracketing and stacking I can make a bigger file if needed. Editing programs and printing techniques have changed so much as well as cameras that if you get the lighting right you can produce very high quality images with cheap gear.
  11. Goldsithney

    $2.75 from the $500 mark

    Congratulations you have a nice port. Some great images there. I am not to far away living in Bergen Noord Holland. Fijne feestdagen!
  12. Goldsithney


    Agree. Let the buyer decide
  13. Goldsithney

    Microstock sales

    New name there Laurin. Sounds like an old 60's hit. 😁
  14. Goldsithney

    Give me your experience ( buy new camera )

    Ricoh gr2. Oh just saw for video as well. Panasonic LX100 maybe. Nikon D3400 18-55. Too many options really best go to shop and try what feels good. They all take good pictures nowadays.
  15. Goldsithney

    Microstock sales

    Agree Paula. Who is EE? I just keep uploading what I consider might sell to all the agencies via stock submitter, every agency has it's up's and downs for me it is SS then AS IS BS DP 123 DT in that order AL is a waste of time had a few at VB and P5 but SS and AS are the winners