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  1. 2.85

    Do anyone feel that they have been payed more after the algorithm change and upgrades? My downloads seems to been capped to X downloads a day, down by half to 2/3rds so that feels very bad, some days lately there are some 2.85 dls but there where months ago my images was sold for +29 dollars, and why is that?
  2. So bad

    Wow, this is very bad, who got downloads this couple of months, considering to stop my uploads anyway...I have a cut of 2/3s...
  3. One category?

    Is it the new with one category when submitting and after ok select another category? And yes the sales has stopped, thinking of other sites if not get to usual dls...
  4. Have been wondering from day 1, why I can't choose 2 categories as before, should I get thru hundres of photos of a sporting event and check animal then it was a horse championship with people?
  5. New Upload System

    And why is there just one category to choose? Or have I missed something?
  6. Missing images in port

    Hi, Have during the latest week not seen my port on my contributor site, when I click my home at Shutterstock it says the right number of images but no images are showing, maybe related to the cut of 2/3 the latest months?
  7. Why do you think the sales have so low?

    Yes I have a very diverse port by intend, for an example should not rugby be in focus maybe running should or maybe flowers etc, but that I don't feel happening now...
  8. Why do you think the sales have so low?

    Feel that they have capped the downloads since a couple of months for me, weekdays +/- 2-3 images a day constantly, and that cap has been 2/3 of the normal dls and nothing else but subs, so this has sent me down to 1/3 of the normal month income. By the way, have not seen my images in my port for two days...
  9. Download Cap

    Hi fellow contributors, Many of you maybe has been affected of the new "algorithm" but for me it seems like it´s stopping downloads at a certain point lets say x downloads/day +/- 2 dls, and thats constant, if that is smart and good use of tech to turn of contributors when they come above a certain dl number I wonder how it will be soon... (that algoritm I could almost do by myself, maybe not called algorithm, just mathematics) Any thoughts, or I'm the only one missing the sales they said they should do with the new great schema...?
  10. Doom & Gloom 2

    Earnings cut in half since last year...bad, bad
  11. SODs of August 2017

  12. Contributor referall

    Why a difference between a buyer and a creator in the referal? Why not the same code?
  13. $28+ is rare now times

    Maybe just me...
  14. Very bad July (2017)

    If this decline is the new thing then I will jump to an other place...
  15. Sorting sets

    Nothing as usual...