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  1. How about the non existing max payout of $120 that was existing anyway on the paper, what have your expert economic person cut that figure to, should be fun to hear, non altered. I guess he said $12 max...
  2. That is not legal in the TOS (I think it called so), but that changed, referals seem gone also, so called lifetime or what so ever, gone, gone... Hmm, well off topic but Im boiling inside.
  3. Uploading new photos now, not to Shutterstock, but other agencies. I dont see the problem to encourage contributors to sell thru SS instead going all in with greed to make more money for yourself. Have seen the word disgusting several times in the forum and that what I feel also. Hope you send another mail and revoke this, this will go downwards for you, faster than you think I believe.
  4. OK, thanks Sari, good there is someone with inside intel, have not read it somewhere. Thanks
  5. Why there is not the possibility to choose the newest images from an contributor just the fake popular or what you call it now, must be a very basic and very interesting thing to see for a buyer what a specific creator has published lately...or I am wrong? At least the possibility...
  6. Doom and gloom thread it is, worst month since maybe 4 years, just subs, some SOD for pennys and some enhanced...encourage to upload and get out to take photos...no... Clicked on my port under my avatar, and maybe thats the main problems, shows the wrong photos, not the most downloaded, not the most recent...a mashup
  7. Wow, how the decline in income has been, maybe some others felt it, had some issues on the forum that was not the case but now its more of us maybe complaining. But in the SS perspective to show and sell an apple from a tier 1 person is much better than selling it from a top tier, much more revenue, so that make sense from that perspective. Back to 2012 or something in earnings, "happy" to get a payout every month... Shutterstock should encourage photographers that contribute on basis of days/weeks/months with earnings.... Over and out for a time.
  8. No hopes for me any more, but had some puffy illusions about that before. Curves downward every month... But maybe you have a great port that get exposure.
  9. Sadly I haven't looked at your port, but as a top tier contributor at .38 commission try to be at the low tier all time. Impossible yes...
  10. Wonder where the delayed payments submenu is now or is it gone then there is no such things anymore? Have some three figures there during the years and have kept clicking that for the past years hoping for some payments but no...
  11. And the lowest monthly income in 3-4 years....good job Shutterstock...
  12. Resubmiting for the third time some scraps uploaded exclusive somewhere else, editorial sports, believe its a glitch when pasting the CASE number, if it not get trough this time Shutterstock not getting those images either, other sites approved the a week ago...dont matter for me when new content don't sell anyway (nothing sells almost)
  13. Only Shutterstock knows, I have tried to submit old cameras that are out of business since the 60s, computer says no... Remove logos, computer says no... Cameras/Cars, computer says no but there are still a bunch of them there... So no clue of the rules, a little bit random maybe?
  14. So thats was all for me peeking into SS forum, have said it before but Im willing to start uploading to SS again but then I need some explanations. They have reached out before in some other questions to me, maybe wonder why I stopped uploading or is it to obvious? Good luck contributors!
  15. Na, don't give up, change focus...
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