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  1. Stefan Holm

    Zero sales today

    And the lowest monthly income in 3-4 years....good job Shutterstock...
  2. Stefan Holm

    Resubmit rejected images

    Resubmiting for the third time some scraps uploaded exclusive somewhere else, editorial sports, believe its a glitch when pasting the CASE number, if it not get trough this time Shutterstock not getting those images either, other sites approved the a week ago...dont matter for me when new content don't sell anyway (nothing sells almost)
  3. Stefan Holm

    Question About Trademarks and Logos

    Only Shutterstock knows, I have tried to submit old cameras that are out of business since the 60s, computer says no... Remove logos, computer says no... Cameras/Cars, computer says no but there are still a bunch of them there... So no clue of the rules, a little bit random maybe?
  4. Stefan Holm

    New lowpoint

    So thats was all for me peeking into SS forum, have said it before but Im willing to start uploading to SS again but then I need some explanations. They have reached out before in some other questions to me, maybe wonder why I stopped uploading or is it to obvious? Good luck contributors!
  5. Stefan Holm

    New lowpoint

    Na, don't give up, change focus...
  6. Stefan Holm

    New lowpoint

    Well, if the computer says NO to me and other contributors that spent years in this there area there should be no problems:-)
  7. Stefan Holm

    New lowpoint

    Thank you, that was nice said, many more events upcoming, sadly the computer says NO... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_lu1xyYx3Eo
  8. Stefan Holm

    New lowpoint

    Thank you, well in diversity I'm good, thought that should hold a steady income... but no... so just checking in again to look at all the posts about my and others encounter months or years ago, so sad.
  9. Stefan Holm

    New lowpoint

  10. Stefan Holm

    New lowpoint

    Thanks Rinder, you have tried so much to make the creator of the image to get payed fairly but it seems like knock the head to a brick wall. I will walk beside that brickwall today and look after some other opportunities ....
  11. Stefan Holm

    New lowpoint

  12. Stefan Holm

    The situation is getting sadder

    Yes thats true, and Im getting out of here for the moment, things can change...but for the moment Im exclusive to another agency...
  13. Stefan Holm

    The situation is getting sadder

    I will be honest, I did not read your post from A to Z but I say good luck to you and don't get to similar illustrations on every page...!
  14. Stefan Holm

    New lowpoint

  15. Stefan Holm

    New lowpoint

    Yes, and why its not selling anymore...computer says no...Stefan says no also...