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  1. I'm having long term problems with uploading my images/videos. Everytime I upload larger bulks of files, my FTP access gets blocked for several days. I tried to use Dropstock.io uploading service and they have exactly the same problem when uploading larger chunks of data do Shutterstock. The problem appears as a log-in failure despite having correct credentials. After day or two the upload starts working again. I suspect there are some size or file number limitations that trigger the blocking of the FTP access. My uploads can contain hundreds, sometimes thousands of images and when I upload 4K videos, it can be tens or hundreds of GBs in one upload. If there are limitations, could you please let me know so that I set up smaller chunks of data to upload accordingly or slow the upload down a bit. It is really frustrating being blocked every time I upload, when I'm doing nothing wrong, just uploading regular images and videos.
  2. I see, thank you. I had another one appearing today on the map without a sale reported. So the map is showing downloads then, not sales. Good to know.
  3. I have a footage sale reported on the "Latest Downloads" map, which first appeared there couple of days ago - see the attached screenshot. According to my Earning Summary, I haven't sold a single video this month yet. Can you tell me why there is a discrepancy between Latest Downloads and Earnings Summary? I know that sales sometimes appear few hours laters in the Earnings Summary, but I am waiting for this sale to appear for two days already. Thank you for your answer.
  4. Mr Brennan, I only hope you know what you are doing. Royalty cuts tied with promises and hazy reasoning... we have seen that failing many times. Losing trust of contributors is not a pretty thing for an agency.
  5. There appears to be a long term problem with footage search filters. If a customer uses the filter to select HD videos, it filters out all 4K videos, in spite of the fact, that all 4K videos have an HD version available for sale. It is counter-intuitive and certainly has negative impact on sales of 4K producers. Are there any plans to address this issue? Thank you for your answer, Tomas
  6. Same here. Just wasted time re-enetring profile info and it disappeared straight away!
  7. Same problem here. 1 video showing on my map since yesterday. No video sales recorded though. Will wait for another day, then sending screenshot to support.
  8. I prefer the way how it is done in the Shutterstock's smartphone app for contributors. Tap on an image and you can see how many times it was downloaded, how much it earned and top keywords leading to the image. It is limited to images sold in last 7 days, but still nice insight
  9. Thank you for all your answers. Good to know that my portfolio might be up to job when I decide to start doing it seriously. I completely agree that the fundamental question when it comes to doing microstock for living is the question of money. It amazes me how many people from countries with high costs of living are able to support their lifestyle in this industry. They have my admiration. Although the nominal value of sales might be the same for all of us, the real value depends on where in the world one lives. I have already reached level of minimum salary in my current region with 1000 images in portfolio. During my times in London, I wouldn't have enough to even pay for tube tickets with such income. Huge difference. Anyways, whether photography is job or hobby, it is an expensive one... so I'll keep ramping up my production to get some more images online and see where it goes
  10. I recently trialed several noise reduction plug-ins in Aperture. Apparently, current version of Lightroom has excellent noise reduction, so if you have Lightroom, you might not need to spend any more money on plug-ins. I achieved best results with Dfine2 and Topaz Denoise. Dfine has a great feature of local noise reduction, which will protect detail where you need it, but in my experience, you really need to use the local adjustments almost every time, or you'll lose detail. Playing with local adjustments is obviously a bit more time-consuming. Topaz is my winner at the moment. Some of my pictures were saved by using the only the "lightest" or "light" noise reduction presets. When you go higher, you start losing detail quickly. But it depends on the shot. I had some dark pictures of sky where I used the full power of plug-in on highest settings and otherwise non-usable pictures have been accepted by SS. Main disadvantage from my point of view is that Topaz takes long time to process the picture, several times longer than any other software. Finally, I went through my library and picked photos that I originally rejected because of noise and some that were rejected by SS for the same reason. I found some 50 images, processed with Topaz, sent to SS... 40 were accepted. Not bad result.
  11. It's been a year since I started actively contributing to microstock. I have currently 1000 images in my portfolio and because I really enjoy doing this, I started toying with the idea that this could become my full time job and main source of income. Do you think I could start taking it seriously when you glance through my portfolio? I focus on two subjects: 1) Natural landscapes/sceneries 2) 3D renders - I started doing this for fun with very basic software, but to my surprise, some of them sell quite well. Although, I'm not sure if an amateur can compete within space crowded with professionals in long-term... what do you think? I appreciate your opinion / critique
  12. Thank you for the update. I'm using the app daily since it came out, the last few versions have been stable and reliable. Not buying new agencies at the moment as they generate negligible income for me... 95% of my income is already covered by existing agencies. If you introduced a feature to see incomes in given time periods, e.g. today's, this week's or this month's incomes,... I would be personally happier to shed few cents for that rather than buying more low-tier agencies
  13. Just reaching 1000 images I'm starting to see more consistent trends in sales. Average month, but more downs than ups. First ever footage sale was a nice surprise though
  14. Congratulations, nice portfolio. I know how it feels, I'm about to hit 1,000 with my next batch
  15. It would be nice if Shutterstock sent out a message to contributors acknowledging the bug and perhaps apologising for the inconvenience caused... the fact that they still haven't done it hints what their attitude is towards us and I don't like it. Not a mention of the bug from their side on their blog, nor the forums. I guess the bug simply doesn't exist then.
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