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  1. Then you would have to disregard a contributors "reputation" among customers. If a number of clients have downloaded Doug Jensen videos and found them to be of high or even satisfactory quality, that takes an unknown out of the equation and it is beneficial for them to start looking in your portfolio, which is well earned and deserved, but still IMO goes against the "each and every clip stands alone" theory. Because you have a large portfolio, you are much likelier to have client exposure. Because you are experienced and have good equipment and a good working knowledge of that equipment, yo
  2. THIS! If my work is available here for a fraction of the price of another agency then a customer will likely buy it at the cheapest price. In this day of image searches it takes pretty much no effort to look for the best deal.
  3. Ahh, so I assume that the customer would get a "not available" message if they tried to buy it?
  4. I got notification that my image was added to 5 collections today. I’m curious as to how that works if licensing is turned off?
  5. I've spent a big chunk of the last ten years working at building a decent portfolio as part of my "Retirement Plan". There was a time when I loved Shutterstock for it's integrity and quality control. Pfffftttt..... I feel bad for those whose livelihood depends on their stock income, because one meal a week is better than none. I'm sadly watching my port evaporate. I loved the journey, I'll continue selling on Adobe stock who have so far treated me well, but I think that microstock is now a thing of the past for me. I've become a much more knowledgeable and aesthetically appea
  6. Take into consideration that there were files that passed review that may have been in queue before this announcement. I haven’t uploaded for a while so I have no idea what the review time currently is. In addition, if you just search for images without typing in a search term you get the following which does not jive with the other figure. I said I would give this a month to see where things stood, so far today I calculate that my income is down to 30% of what it would have been and that is with just three sales. 🥴
  7. I wasn’t thinking in terms of wire stock, more like a collaborative between a group of contributors. The truth is I think I am pretty much done with microstock. I had illusions (I guess delusions would be a more apt term) of having a bit of passive income to help with my retirement. The truth is that it has been a great deal of work for small returns, and the bubble that with enough effort I could do well has been burst. I may try some illustrations with a competitor to see if they fare any better, but gone are the days when I’ll spend late hours keywording and uploading. If I’m to
  8. What if people who want to delete their ports formed a company with multiple contributors (like Africa Studios)? Would enough collective uploads bump the downloads into a large enough number that this pay change could actually become a benefit? Would a port of 100,000+ images bring more exposure and in return more downloads for the individuals? I'm just trying to figure out how to make lemonade. I was on track to hit the top tier this year and whammo!!! Sorry if this is discussed elsewhere, I don't have the time nor desire to read through the volume of upset contributors. This is alrea
  9. I am so disappointed in you Shutterstock. I’ll give it one month on this new pay rate and then will most likely decide to delete my account. I see no logical sense in having images available here and undercutting their sales somewhere else where I am already making much more per sale. While my account won’t put much of a dent in your coffers, collectively I can see how disgruntled contributors may.
  10. Are the rejections for similar content? SS has been cracking down on that lately and evidently even closed accounts.
  11. I'm seeing 12924 images and 327 videos here. So glad you got this resolved and a big Thank You to @Alex Shutterstock
  12. Weird, the port is still up but his name and avatar are blocked out....
  13. So if a model signed a model release under one set of terms and that set of terms was changed without the models knowledge, does that not put SS in a precarious place?
  14. https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/pinecrest-floridausa-february-22020-creepy-doll-1653549064
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