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  1. Thank you there is a huge drop in sales... in addition there are very few on demand downloads and single on demand ... The new earning structure is definitely not a helping either
  2. after 3 fairly decent months, here comes April ...... the worst EVER. for the first time since 2011 i am not going to make it to the payout.
  3. same here... thought it was only me...
  4. anyone missing images again?? i have -1 once again... but i do not know hich one. is it some bug they cannot fix?
  5. for me Jan 2020 was one of the second lowest in the whole 2020 ... ... and compared to the average of other months, the numbers are evend more depressing ... closer to 70%... a real disaster
  6. January 2020 vs January 2021 ... EXACTLY the SAME amount of downloads (what a strange coincinece, huh?) ... but about 50% less in revenue, compared to last year....
  7. january has always been a much slower month for me, but THIS January is much worse than ever... not only the sales are down, but the majority of them are 10 cent downloads!... and today only 3 dls so far ... all 10 cents of course....at this point, i have no idea where to invest my earnings!
  8. disastrous sales .... disastrous decline in revenue if it goes like that, for the first time since many many years i am not going to reach a payout..... a real disaster
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