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  1. no sales yesterday ... ok, it was Sunday... no sales TODAY?! hmmm... strange
  2. I am really sorry to hear that, Terry ...and i truly admire your inner strength and your positive attitude towards the situation! and you are absolutely right, same as Annie ... no need to whine, but change the way of thinking ... the market is changing and we have to adapt to that. ... i am guilty of whining from time to time but i promise i will do my best not to!
  3. i am in the same boat... even if the downloads were down, the earning was pretty good thanks to a couple of big SODs, but this week somethis strange is happening ... on Sunday the earning was 1.67, on monday 0.82 for the whole day, tuesday - 1.52 and today - 0.80!!! WTF?! ...
  4. if compared to May 2020, all the numbers are much down .... last year i had 130 dls more than this year and same in earning
  5. what's up with the sales this week?! ...particularly slow for me... yesterday i had 7 subs, today only 2 so far.... has the algorithm been changed?! ... getting worse here day by day
  6. Whole 4 subs for me today! What a luck! i feel blessed!
  7. weird ranking, i must say.... i can see it from another browser... and i am very puzzled some images that have barely been sold in the last year, they show as a high performers and often used ... hmmm ... THAT is strange
  8. lucky you... I do not see ANY end-of-the-month rush .... ony one lousy dl
  9. 70% less in royalties compared to March, 150 downloads less .... first time EVER another agency is more profitable than Shutterstock .... and it needs a miracle to reach them in the last 2 days. This is April at Shutterstock - never seen a decline like this
  10. very few on demand sales and Single on demand are practically inexistent.... most pf the sales are 0.10 .... and on top of that, much less downloads
  11. same for me... and i doubt that in 4 days that remain something is going to change. it was in the beginning of 2013 that i had the same amount at the end of the month .... very very sad
  12. Thank you there is a huge drop in sales... in addition there are very few on demand downloads and single on demand ... The new earning structure is definitely not a helping either
  13. after 3 fairly decent months, here comes April ...... the worst EVER. for the first time since 2011 i am not going to make it to the payout.
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