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  1. Not sure i like it. Have to let it sink in.
  2. Wow that just made my hart skip a beat. I thought santa came by and bought all my photo's. Shame its just a programming boo boo and its showing gross total...
  3. No email for me. I have no repetitive words in my port so im really curious what kind if crap they gonne pull now. Funny thing is that non of the SS staff is replying to any of the threads.
  4. Sigh, great move. I got accepted the second time(6/10 first try and 8/10 the second) i tried and had to improve my skills to get accepted. Now everyone with a lucky shot will be able to join and then flood the reviewer with Facebook quality photos which will delay the review for those that actually know what they are doing, or are they also going to lower those standards in a few months when their plan backfires?? Lets keep the mobilephone photos on instagram and FB pls.
  5. http://www.shutterstock.com/pic.mhtml?id=107251034
  6. Still cant figure out the numbers... not that im not happy, actually im really happy with it. Its been a while since i had a SOD. But 3.62 is still a weird number .
  7. I've been having the same problem for a week or 2 now and it's the extra ?ws=1 that kills the link. It's a wee bit annoying but as long as the buyers dont have it. Though it would be great if it gets fixed.
  8. Welcome and good luck you have a great start and i agree the white donkey photo is great.
  9. you seriously make $ 6.51 per download. Thats big.
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