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  1. "SS isn't a dumping ground for low quality mobile phone snapshots" Since SS slashed the commission payed to contributors those are the only type of photos worth uploading. Who in their right mind would pay to travel, pay models or pay location fees to upload to SS now?
  2. The introduction of subscription plans and the aggressive marketing of them are a greater threat to full-time producers than the annual levels reset. The severe drop in income will potentially force full-time producers away from SS or out of the industry. SS, its seems is happy with or wants content from part-time content creators. The move to subscriptions would be ok if it was offset by an increase in downloads, but at this point for me its been less downloads for less return.
  3. SS have become the 21st century robber barons
  4. i feel that the SS to contributor relationship is now one of exploitation and no longer collaboration
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