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  1. " Our margin expansion initiatives have begun to take hold..." a euphemism for treating contributors and their files as expendable liabilities to be exploited as much as possible. "we are accelerating several targeted investments in our platform solutions offering and marketing and brand building to support growth in our subscriptions products....." means we will be offering larger subscription plans at even cheaper prices to customers. "consistently deliver incremental margin expansion...." means will continue to reduce revenue to contributors.
  2. 3 video sales for $1.16 each. There was a time pre subscription plans when that would have earned roughly $60. Subscriptions are killing this business for producers. If the number of low sales continues to increase I will be forced to disable my video files.
  3. SS takes 70% of the sales amount (level 3) to manage and market our images/videos, and what's their big marketing idea? Give more of our work away for less in subscription plans. When are they going to learn that if its not profitable for contributors to produce work they will upload elsewhere or stop producing completely.
  4. "you still make some money", Ha, so would you be happy making a nickel or a penny? If we don't take a stand and refuse to allow SS and other microstock agencies to sell our work for 10 cents that's what it will happen.
  5. lets get the same trend happening for photos
  6. if enough contributors disable/delete portfolios or stop uploading SS will need to raise commissions to attract high quality submissions
  7. I'm waiting to see how many low value sales there are before I disable/delete my files. So far its not looking good. SS sold a hard to get wildlife shot for $3.98. Not letting my best work go that cheaply. I produce full time, returns like that make it unsustainable.
  8. not everyone can afford to disable/delete portfolios. some rely on the income to put food in mouths and a roof over their head. we should remember who the common ENEMY now is, SS for even forcing us to make such a choice
  9. Why hide the monthly earnings? Are you ashamed at how pathetic they are now? Oops, I forgot you have no shame.
  10. Just disabled image sales. Probably won't make a difference to SS policy. I think they will only listen to a shareholder or buyer protest.
  11. "We are making this adjustment in order to reflect changes in the market for creative content, help to create fair opportunities for all our contributors, and reward performance with greater earnings potential." where is the possibility for greater earning potential for video contributors? My portfolio is almost 10,000 clips and there is NO WAY I could manage 2,500 downloads in a year. And even if I did, by some miracle, have that many sales come Jan 1 I'd have to start all over again. Nice reward for all the hard work uploading files, real motivating. Greater earnings might be there for the 1% of "factory producers" with multiple employees.
  12. BME means very little. My PF is near 10,000 clips and sales earnings have been in steady decline since 2018
  13. This is how SS respond when we express our displeasure at the impending changes: Hi Christopher,We are Deeply saddened on the fact that there is a Deduction or a slight cut down in the earnings that Shutterstock used to offer earlier. The reason of Decline in earnings has been the uncertain pandemic which has caused a huge effect on all the businesses including ours. The world wide conditions are worst & the moment.We believe that with the passage of time things are expected to improve and once it would happen then we would try to raise the earning opportunities with Shutterstock. We need your support during this harsh time around I would recommend going through the following link How do I get paid for my work? , and I hope it will be helpful to you. If you have any other concerns, please feel free to contact us anytime. Thanks, P****t Shutterstock Contributor Care Team "slight cutdown" now that is a joke, as a contributor who mainly uploads video I am facing a massive decrease in earnings due to $1.50 wix sales, sub $4 video subscription packages and now 15% royalties. It would appear they wish to eliminate video submissions. And then the CEO goes spouting how well the company is doing during covid. So which is it?
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