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  1. Best Match Gone

    Any one with a buyer/customer account out there noticed best match has gone? Just left with popular and new after you put in a search term
  2. Life of lens cleaning pen

    He certainly does
  3. $0.61 SODS

    Whats with all of the US$0.61 SODS they started showing up in relatively large quantities since the middle of Jan. Any ideas what they are about?
  4. Property release

    Any identifiable property would need a release unless you submit as editorial irrespective this includes certain buildings, logos, brands, vehicles, products etc You may also find this listing useful https://www.shutterstock.com/blog/contributor-resources/legal/stock-photo-restrictions/
  5. Images with "Lorem Ipsum" text rejected

    Then he'd get a rejection for image not being in focus. No SS need to educate their revieweras
  6. SOS! Why I have low sales

    I quote " Hi, I am a new contributor. I love painting in oriental style and I also like to take Chinese culture picture in my life. I wish you also like it " Yet I look through your portfolio and see nothing. Where is the Chinese culture? Where are Chinese people doing everday things, or Chinese cities or in fact anything besides flowers? Stop kidding yourself, I am a buyer by trade you have nothing to offer. Image buyers are not fools who just buy any old image to keep you happy. You have to offer something worth buying. So stop with the flowers and blurs and start shooting real subjects. You live in Taiwan start there Oh and this one? Its a couple of people pushing a baby stroller down a street no temple no "Taiwan's historic site - Confucius Temple in Tainan" Nothing
  7. Images with "Lorem Ipsum" text rejected

    Lazy reviewing however I would put a note in the image description saying it contains "Lorem Ipsum" text and resubmit
  8. interesting...

    Shot with on camera flash? The exposure issues will relate to blown or clipped highlights but over all the lighting is poorly done. I would look in to using off camera flash and finding out how it's done before submitting poorly lit images.
  9. I'd say Shutterstock are definitely wrong send a message to @Alex Shutterstock see if he can look in to it
  10. amazing drop in sales

    The OP is the person who starts the thread
  11. You can't stop this just look at all the gold miners from India Thailand Russia and Ukraine just piling in tons of spam or junk they are wrecking this market and no one will ever do anything to stop it least of all the agencies. It's like a suicide trip for this business.
  12. Would you download?

    Got to say Laurin This is one hell of a shot
  13. Too many keywords?

    Keep them accurate whether they are 7 or 50. Don't bother putting in phrases like "travel photography" just use single words If you try and add none relevant words i.e. dog when the photo is of a cat you end up knocking yourself as buyers just end up frustrated and don't bother clicking on your images. If your images don't get zoomed or added to light boxes or purchased they slide down the rankings. You also see a lot of idiots on stock putting in keywords like Jamaica, Australia, Mexico when its a photo of a beach in Thailand for example. They try and cheat the system and generally fail
  14. Would you download?

    As long as you name the location i.e. what mountain is that where in Argentina? As a buyer I'd want to know. Also clean up those keywords there is no need to repeat the word "travel" "landscape" and so on You do not need to use phrases just single words will do. Phrases you keep for places i.e. New York or latin names and similar. Is it in Chile or Argentina you seem confused. Hiking? Nah where are the hikers? Just because you were hiking does not imply there is anything to do with hiking in that photo. also "This blue footed booby was looking right at me on San Christobal Island in the Galapagos. It created this really funny looking effect with their eyes, just hilarious in real life." Again as a buyer I'm not interested in the life history of the shot just provide a good description its latin name is Sula nebouxii by the way i.e. "blue footed booby looking in to the camera on San Christobal Island in the Galapagos"
  15. Clipping path service

    What the heck is this all about? Are you advertising a clipping service? This is a critique gallery go buy some Google adwords