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  1. Looking at last changes this one is definitely the best one. Of course there is a room for improvements but still, I like it very much. Please just redesign earning pages.
  2. Missing keywords problem, here is a thread: https://forums.submit.shutterstock.com/topic/90232-missing-keywords/. Files with at least one sale have only one or few keywords when you look at file on buyers site.
  3. Same here. Every image with at least 1 sell have one or only a few keywords. :/
  4. Sorry for that, I made gallery private. Fixed that. Can you see it now?
  5. For everyone, who hasn't seen it yet. To make it easier to see it, I have marked area with any information with green. Look how big is just blank space!
  6. Please go back and redesign it once again. If you want to refresh it, great, change it, but please keep all one day stats on one page! Now it takes few time more and so many clicks more to check sales from one day. It isn't practical at all! So much blank (lost !) space! On FullHD screen new design can fit in only 10 small thumbs and few digits... It is just a wast of space!
  7. OH.MY.GOD. As for month view, I can live with it, but day view... Did designer lose a bet or what? I simply can't understand who possibly could design such thing? Old view was far, faar better! Few tabs and few pages of different stuff just for one day? It is just hard to use and it is not practical at all!
  8. Almost everything in uploading process is broken. First of all - random transfer error. When uploading vectors with corresponding JPG preview more than half gets error about missing JPG. Then I have half of them in content editor. But when I just refresh the page or try to keyword them boom, rest of them gets same error. If in some magic way they don't, they just simply disappear and I can start whole process from the very beginning.
  9. Hello, I have problem with uploading vectors. Almost every time I got message about missing jpg preview files. From 10 vectors to upload I have successfully uploaded 7 after half of hour trying both on upload page and ftp. MORE. Even once successfully uploaded vectors after refreshing content editor page are giving same error and after few refreshes there is no content to keyword.
  10. Catalog manager - still, after 10 or 12tg page sorting problem - pictures appears randomly.
  11. Is there a chance to fix this bug ever? Or statement like" we're working on it, wait few days/weeks more"? It is simply not possible to find older pictures because they appear randomly.
  12. Most disturbing fact is that it wasn't in some period of the time. It was one day. I had normal downloads number on day and one the next one I had less than half of it. Files with few downloads a day stopped totally. Everthing three weeks ago. It wasn't smooth change. From three weeks every day for me is like a Saturday.
  13. I just dsont know what to say... I upload regularly... my sales were on the same level or rising slowly from two years. Down were only on december between christmas and new year, as usual. But from three weeks... It's massive. Dont have even half of sales from four weeks ago. Previous two weeks were tragic (half of earnings from last one was one licence) and this so far is the worst week from I dont't remeber how long... I don't know what happened three weeks ago but ...it's... I dont have words for that.
  14. http://forums.submit.shutterstock.com/topic/88329-sets-sorted-randomly-in-catalog-manager/ Not new one...
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