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  1. Yes, unfortunately that’s as to be expected since more and more customers will buy those tempting, priced-to-sell subscription plans instead. This tips the income split even further in Shutterstock’s favor as they get to keep 100% of income from unused downloads in these plans. Cheeky f..ers
  2. You could have earned so much more, Shutterstock actually wrote to me today, again noticing that I haven’t uploaded anything since this pricing structure change was forced on all contributors. Yes, I could have and earned Shutterstock and myself more money. So could all the other contributors, who have stopped uploading out of protest or even gone so far as to deactivate or even delete their accounts. How about you take your contributors seriously and pay a fair share of royalties, Shutterstock? Then you’ll get loads of good quality & fresh content and all of us can earn more together. It should be a partnership between artist and agency with the shared interest of generating income together. This is an open market, we aren’t slaves and we can chose where to sell or not to sell our photos, illustrations and videos.
  3. So today I received an email from Shutterstock, who have noticed that I’ve stopped uploading content to their platform. They say they’d like to see my newest content. I’d like them to stop pretending that it’s great for us contributors if they get to keep up to 85% of royalties from every sale & 100% of income from unused downloads on their massive new plans. So they have time to send out emails asking for new content, but don’t have the time to update the FAQs in their most read forum thread ever? Updates promised frequently, but none made since it was posted at the end of May? Way to go in showing respect for all contributors...
  4. So Shutterstock gets to keep up to 85% of all royalties plus all the royalties from “unused” downloads? Sounds great - for them - not for the contributors. I’m only a small fish in this sea, but have stopped uploading here. Assuming no changes from Shutterstock, the next step will be disabling my portfolio. Great to see so many in this community come together in protesting this injustice. There is an awesome amount of talent and heart here. Proud to be a part of it.
  5. So in short Shutterstock gets to keep up to 85% of the royalties of each sale plus 100% of all unused downloads in the download plans? How is this going to benefit anyone except Shutterstock itself?
  6. "Go do" certainly sounds like a more efficient way to get better than letting someone else do the work - he's probably good enough already *g*. Also, maybe I shoudln't forget that taking photos is fun as well - seeing yourself improving is certainly worth all the effort. Saw a couple of the videos suggested today and am trying new things already. So once more - thanks for all the input! Will post some "improved" pictures as soon as I've managed perfect focus - or as near as I'll get^^.
  7. Rear car lights can sell, but yes, they are certainly not going to land anywhere near the Topsellers. Basically I was trying to get a larger range of subjects for the 10 first submissions, but thanks to your help it's back to the drawing board so to speak and thinking of new subjects and better ways to take shots. Thank you for your honest words - certainly motivates me to improve far more. However, one question still remains, is this the right track? Still hope for me? Or am I still years away from taking an acceptable image for SS?
  8. Dang that certainly makes it rather pointless to submit it - thanks for your helpful post. How about this?
  9. Right, finally decided to start working on a proper selection of the first 10 images to submit. Won't bother you with a long text on what these images mean, as it would be pretty pointless if they can't stand on their own. All tips, suggestions and improvements are more than welcome - will try not to cry if you are too harsh *g*
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