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  1. Visa electron je kartica deviznog racuna u banci, novac koji legne na Skrill treba povuci na karticu a ne na devizni racun jer jer se tako izbegava medjubankarska provizija koja nije mala. Ali novac je svakako vidljiv na deviznom racunu za razliku od novca povucenog na master card Skrilla i Payoneer.
  2. There is a person LOZOR who has stollen thousands of our vectors. Once I have reported SS about him but they wanted to be sure that he has stollen or bought my files from SS. So he keeps selling them on chineese sites and who knows where else.
  3. What led to this and where do we go from here? I am speechless.
  4. Sorry to hear from all of you about eye problems. The prise for using monitors too much. Walk outside and getting enough sleep can help. Anita once upon a time I had hyperthyroidism and have hypothyroidism now, but medicaments solved both successfully. Wish you all a Happy New Year.
  5. Oliska

    2014 Stats

    Thanks Baz. All in all you are doing well. SS surprised me in - and Is and DT in +. Dp is out of mind. Yet, my expectations are with SS. With relatively small port and my lazyness I was better and better here until August when I experienced a sudden decline in sales. In my private contacts with other members I concluded that veterans first experienced negative changes. Then the younger like me. Which category is favored, we'll never know. A growing number of suppliers and agencies fighting each other for customers reduce our chances for growth. All we can do is work hard and try to find
  6. I think that eps document info keeps name and extension of original file.
  7. Eps format can be a rather unstable when exporting vectors as Eps. Although usually our fault makes bitmap . My advice is to open (save as eps 10) a vector file in Illustrator, an older, free version, check your work for bitmaps and save it as Eps 10. Than you will be sure what you are doing. As a Corel user I do like this for microstock.
  8. Not these days, but it happens from time to time. A new reviewers I think.
  9. Hello Vincent, Does it mean that there is no need any more to submit raster version which is exactely the same as vector thumbnail?
  10. The best one is one you know the best. I started with Corel, version 2, a long, long time ago. I am still in love with Corel although I use Illustrator when I have to, for microstock only (eps files).
  11. I had 5 rejections for jpg editorial, about caption, date, description and it finally passed through
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