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  1. I too was both contributor AND client. Ended my monthly subscription. SS lose out on both fronts. I now sell AND buy elsewhere.
  2. Err, yeah thanks for that. Still staying aboard the SS Titanic then?
  3. VERY Interesting! Thanks for sharing - looks like they've lost about 5 million so far out of 326 million, but look at that CLIFF-FALL at the end!! (today) I hope someone in the office is starting to panic now.
  4. I totally agree, the only conclusion I could come up with for the lack of care / contact with us, is that they are maximising profits in the very short term to then sell off the company. It just doesn't make ANY sense at all longer term to sit and watch thousands of contributors with millions of high quality images leaving and going to keen and opportunistic competitors. I guess Jon Or. has got his fortune, and can use that to help calm his conscience while sitting on a desert island.
  5. Photography/Video is only one side of the business - Vectors for me overtook photo sales many years ago. A cheap laptop and a drawing program costs a fraction of a decent camera, and technical ability is just a Youtube click away. However, people can only really understand the market in their own country (and specialism) though - eg A very literal example - taking a photo of London would be quite difficult if you're in Latin America! And I have very little local knowledge of current trends in brand packaging design in Eastern Europe, Latin America or Asia, only in the UK. And I'm guessing it's unlikely they know what sells well on the supermarket shelves in England!? ...So, at the moment Shutterstock are most likely losing a heck of a lot of talented creators with culturally relevant knowledge of their area and specialism, which can't be learnt from Youtube. They will quite likely keep attracting contributors in countries where cost of living makes it worthwhile, but will lose the edge over other libraries, where we are all heading to. No blame or disrespect to all of you talented contributors in those countries mentioned, this is just a shift in sourcing of products, similar to the way very little is manufactured in the UK/USA anymore - get it produced cheaper elsewhere, increase profit.
  6. Yep, agree. The only possible explanation I can think of is an imminent sell-off of the company. They are making the figures look as profitable as possible, hoping that enough contributors will keep their images active (for now) to not affect amount of income / lack of image choice for clients. Give it a couple of months and sell. Trouble is their reputation is already damaged, and trust from us is gone. There has been no attempt to connect with us / explain / apologise, so they clearly have a larger plan that means they just don't care or are hoping enough of us will just humbly accept. I posted on Linkedin explaining the situation, with links if people want to show support for fellow creatives - I have worked in the brand design business full time and freelance in London for many years, so this message will reach many buyers of stock images. I noticed the Creative Director of a MAJOR brand packaging design agency had seen and liked the post, and will no doubt be on a rolling subscription to SStk. It does pain me but I have to accept that the good times / decent chance of residual income are over for now. Beginning to upload the rest of my catalogue to other agencies, and hoping someone with at least a thread of compassion buys Shttrstock so I can consider forgiving them and coming back. So my advice is DISABLE now. Make a stand and show you don't accept this.
  7. Hmm, I have a;so been thinking there's more behind this than we realise. A selloff could WELL be on the horizon: • Squeeze as much out of us as possible • Get maximum profits in the immediate term to make figures look favourable. • Sell the company. • Retire to Bahamas.
  8. Um, not really sure what you mean. I asked if she was ok! If that's shooting the messenger than I guess I'm killing her with kindness??
  9. Thanks Kate, Will there be ANY statement, reaction or communication regarding this decision, to all the hardworking contributors who are struggling financially in the middle of a global pandemic? And have turned off portfolios in protest. At the moment it appears Shutterstock really couldn't care less about the very people that are vital to their business.
  10. Oh crikey, Kate DID just post on here!!! Good timing. Any feedback from senior management Kate Shutterstock ?
  11. Looks like a LOT of unhappy employees... https://www.glassdoor.co.uk/Reviews/Shutterstock-Reviews-E270840.htm Not sure if we are allowed to add a review, seeing as we DO work for them (part time/contract?) ...And would anyone like to add a review on Trustpilot?... https://uk.trustpilot.com/review/www.shutterstock.com I hope Kate Shutterstock hasn't had a nervous breakdown, she's very quiet. You ok Kate??
  12. I wonder if the timing has anything to do with this... https://simplywall.st/stocks/us/retail/nyse-sstk/shutterstock/news/shutterstock-inc-nysesstk-is-about-to-go-ex-dividend-and-it-pays-a-1-8-yield/
  13. Just seen this. - So they PREDICTED the decision would have this effect? And still went ahead?!! (during a global pandemic and major financial troubles for individuals) What arrogant self-serving pr!ck made this decision?
  14. aaaand we are OFF. Funnily enough I took a rare trip to my local supermarket tonight, and noticed my bestselling wheat vector all over S'bury's cereal packs, and also seen another of mine on Asda biscuits. Big clients such as these will now no longer find them on here. Your loss ShStock. Thankyou and goodnight.
  15. Just found instructions on MicroStkGrp website... - Go to your contributor account page- In the right top corner go into the dropdown menu under your contributor Name and select Account Settings- From here you can enable/disable the License Options for images and videos by selecting the checkmark Yes/No next to image sales and footage sales. Selecting No will obviously disable the portfolio. From what I have noticed is that this will take a few days so keep that in mind.
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