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  1. In order to see sensor dust better, I duplicate the layer and I change the Blending to "Multiply". See example below cropped from one of my pictures. It is easier to see and fix. When done, get rid of the "Multiply" layer.

    Also, dust will show the most at F22 (or higher) and almost nonexistent at F2.8 (or lower). So if you notice that you have dust on the sensor, try to shoot at a wider aperture if possible.



  2. 22 hours ago, GregDPhotos said:

    I primarily use single words, except for names and when I think someone might use quotes. (If someone searches "mountain landscape" in quotes and I only have "mountain" , "landscape" , my image either won't come up at all or way down the list - so I will include all three.)

    If you search with single words mountain landscape or with the phrase "mountain landscape"  you will get the same amount of hits. It's been years that SS doesn't make the difference between single words or phrases. 

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