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  1. i odose bijele stijene i velebit u karantenu :- ( steta, al nema se bas izbora . p.s. sorry guys, local language :-)
  2. Philosophy is that there is no philosophy. The world is global but finally and at the and of the day , philosophy is always "individual". Btw, we are questioning ShutterStock "philosophy" here, not contributors. On 200+ pages ( not including all those deleted ) . And, have we received any reasonable answer about their "philosophy"? From the blindness of $$$$ and the shares in the SS do not see that it is up to the contributor to decide where the Rubicon is? I'm not homeless, I'll survive without SS but we will see if he will without me and others like me. Who decided,listening to his ow
  3. Exactly. SS unilaterally reduced the earnings conditions but left in the game Terms mutually accepted "in the past". The question is what lawyers would say to that as well
  4. if this earnings structure comes to life my 1800 vector files goes to quarantine starting from the new year. fortunately, I’m not homeless and I want to keep a piece of dignity.
  5. 1) you have multiple unexpanded random objects 2) the final EPS is incorrect because the graphics sit over the edges of the artboard ( go to View - Outline mode to see ) What can you do ? 1) select a group of layer without clipping mask 2) choose " fill" & "stroke" and confirm with "OK" Now, when expand procedure is done go to the next step : 1) select the layer group included "clipping path" 2) go to Window - Pathfinder and click "merge" ( red dot ) After all steps is done you can see what the final file should look like to be approve
  6. I assume you are talking about minimum EPS source document dimensions? Because "pixels" & "vector" can't stand in the same line. In which final resolution will be rasterized : 72,150 or 300 pixels/inch ? Namely, the final JPG dimensions depends of the input resolution!! - 2000 x 2000 - 72 pixels/inch - final JPG dimension will be 2000 x 2000 pixels ( 4 megapixels ) - 2000 x 2000 - 150 pixels/inch - final JPG dimension will be 4167 x 4167 pixels ( 17,36 megapixels ) - 2000 x 2000 -
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