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  1. It's "up to"... so, maybe they take only 100 of them, and it's about 500 USD for images I can sell elsewhere for much more. And I do sometimes sell some of them for 30-100 in single sale.
  2. You’ve got 2666 eligible assets that could earn you up to $13,330 upfront if selected for the free collection. ($5.00 per selected asset) but as I said, only few nominated by me, even if they select all, it will be about 50-60 USD. I can't give away for "free" so many photos to any agency.
  3. 2666 eligible but nominated only about 5 or so. some of those eligible assets selling good on other sites mostly this one so.... only few very low sellers to see how it goes.
  4. me neither, tax form all good, minimum payout reached on beginning of the april so neither is that. in 10 years never had any issues, but this year this is second time.
  5. looks like people who came here in last few years do not know what you were in the beginning at shutterstock 10 or so years ago. it doesn't even matter, but when people were able to check top selling vectors, you were one of the top contributors, like Yuri Arcus but for illustrations. Not one of the top, but top, most selling vector artist in 2010s some of us remember, and I know you will do just fine without need of any microstock agency at all.
  6. yep, they started it first. SS just follow them because people accepted 0.02 royalties there.
  7. so, now they are starting refunds, I never had one on SS. it's getting better and better...
  8. This is only industry I know where people keep getting less and less for their commitment and hard work. Shutterstock will probably still getting many phone snapshots, without models or with few family members but big productions, studio shots with professional models and on location shots with many professional models involved will not be profitable anymore. Many of these lifestyle photos today will become obsolete in 2-5 years, mostly because of technology and accessories. Look how stock photos looked like 10 years ago. How can anyone expect for contributor to evolve, offer be
  9. You are right, but what about minimal wages? is it part of a business? btw I run my own business. Working only for food is also a business isn't it? You know how working only for food was called and that was banned long time ago.
  10. name one agency that commission change benefits contributors? you are not naive, aren't you?
  11. we need world union or kind of syndicate as music artist have done so it can be done. Only law can stop this from happening, not hashtags or anything other.
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