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  1. I've permanently deleted my portfolio at Bigstock (part of Shutterstock) and wait for the confimation. I sent the email at Sunday with the reason #boycottshutterstock and a link to this thread. The earnings there were so small for the last three years it's not a big deal. And I also stopped uploading new content to Shutterstock... Hey there are now more than 500 images at Adobe Stock which shutterstock customers never will see 😄 I will wait one more month. I want to calculate my final loss compared to the old price model. If there will be no statement or adjustment from SS during thi
  2. @Kate Shutterstock step 1 completed: I've just deleted my Bigstock portfolio permanently. I've stopped uploading to Shutterstock. The last 100 pictures were uploaded to Adobe Stock only as well as all the other pictures to come. If there is no change in the new earnings structure I will delete my portfolio here as well.
  3. @Kate Shutterstock here is an article about the new license model on “ct Fotografie”, a part of the heise news network. One of the biggest German tech newspages. Let me briefly outline the content: it’s not positive! https://www.heise.de/news/Shutterstock-veraergert-Fotografen-mit-neuem-Bezahlmodell-4766659.html This article also appears in the stock newsfeed on “finanzen.net”, one of the biggest German stock exchange pages when you view the Shutterstock stock page: https://www.finanzen.net/aktien/shutterstock-aktie
  4. That’s my point of view: It would be ok if SS reduced the commission for the big packages where they pay more to the contributors than they got from their customers (presumed they download all their 750 images per month). On the other hand, they make a huge profit with the small packages and the images which are not downloaded. A percentual share – depending on the number of sales – is just fair. But starting with 15% and ending with 40% is a scam. It should start with at least 25% and end up to 60%. To be realistic… I by myself would never be able to sell that amount of pictures t
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