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  1. I've been getting Enhanced downloads for 3,65$ on level 5. Ridiculous. 😑
  2. An enhanced licence for which I got 3,65$ 😩 Level 5...
  3. The most frustrating thing is that shutterstock doesn't ban those who steal anymore. It used to be a guaranteed ban! Now they just delete the file that has been stolen, and the thief continues on!
  4. The reality of level 5 for me. He must be living in another world somewhere.
  5. Frankly I am not sure why you even bother uploading with such "earnings" and then try to prove a point. Earn for a living with stock, and then see how the earnings dropped, for everyone. These numbers are random and absolutely not worth even taking seriously.
  6. I just can't wrap my head around a Level 1 reset for everyone each year. What equal opportunities? Let's equally disable our ports, so shutterstock can also have an equal opportunity of earning less.
  7. I don't see a greater earnings potential when Instead of 0.38 I will potentially be getting 0,06 or even less for my top selling photos in January when all portfolios are reset to Level 1. Even more than that, keeping my work here is potentially decreasing my chances to sell it on other stock sites for higher price.
  8. https://www.shutterstock.com/pricing Now count packs with 350+ images and see what you get. 0,06 in the beginning of the year when you're reset to level1?
  9. Elaborate please. A reset in the beginning of each year to LEVEL 1?! So in the beginning of each year we will all be earning 15%?
  10. I'd love to photograph alone, but unfortunately pet owners are skeptical when I try to take away their pets 🤣
  11. Same here, so it's even harder to discover newest (selling) content.
  12. I agree, hovering over dots to see latest downloads is useless. We can do without the map at all, it serves no purpose. Also some of the downloads from the right column don't match the dates of actual downloads when I open the earnings summary. For example the downloads next to the map show today's date, but in the summary they are under yesterday's date.
  13. But what is the purpose of a map? In this case it can be totally gone, it doesn't serve any purpose whatsoever.
  14. Is it possible to update catalog manager so it would show total revenue of selected photos up top? I remember it was that way for some time, now I have to create sets and add photos there to see how much revenue I have for specific group of photos.
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