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  1. I have same nice images of yoga on stand up paddle board. Took a drive during the night to go to the river to take them in the early morning at 6 o clock during the sunrise. Busted my ass for it and now they reject them all because they say they are not sharp, and I think its total BS. How can you tell if its sharp enough when it is a silhouette and the subject is dark. I get them that it ''looks'' that is not sharp, but I know they are sharp because the board where the subject is standing IS sharp. And that place is in the plane with her face, and I am not able to get those images online. And to say, they also reject them and say that I have dust on my sensor when clearly those are bird in the background. That is not a big issue to correct, but they are really busting my ass because of it and don't know if all of my images will be thrown in the garbage, and to say, people on the Instagram love them and I am already having a ton of praise for them and some jobs appointed just because of those images, so clearly they will sell on SS also. What to do guys, how to make them see that the pictures are sharp and good for selling, have anyone had rejections of silhouettes? Thanks in advance.
  2. Ok, dont believe me. 800 dollars for the first 3 days during july for my friend, and other have actually increase their income during this period, then go and delete your portfolio with them.
  3. Dude, believe me that the big players will get their levels up in a matter of months and will end up earning at a full potential really quickly.
  4. This maybe is not for this page, but following the recent changes in a world that are affecting all of us, including Shutterstock I've had a change of hearth. I was angry at first. How dare Shutterstock take my earnings??? Even if I had 60 dollars per month. So they took my 30 dollars, but I've just realized that it was Shutterstock who made a lot of people in third world countries rich. Not rich as some people, but a lot of people that I know made they way into all of this with their wits, sweat are A LOT of hard work. So, it is out commitment to stay with Shutterstock during these hard times. I know that lot of you will look at this with disgust, but believe me, its all from witch prism that you are looking at this. Look at this as a man from a third world country, and you will have the motivation and gratitude on a much more scale for the Shutterstock crew! So lets stay in this together and keep this world alive! Peace out. Marko.
  5. Well yeah, that's what I wanted to say. We all hope that this will pay out someday, especially if you are new in stock like me.
  6. We sign the release during or just after the shoot. What do you emphasize to do it before the shoot? never had problems with that.
  7. When you shoot in collaboration with other people, for example. I just shot some images in a beauty studio. the deal is, they get the images, I get their studio to shoot in. In my experience, there a lot of different people. Some of them are impatient and are calling me every day when I will send them images, and I have like 5 shoots to edit and just don't have enough time to send them all their images at once. What do you do? Do you send them unedited images and keep it like that, or you deal with them once at a time. I get that some of you that are making a lot of bucks here can pay for the venue where you shoot, but I am still not that guy. Also, do you send them full resolution jpgs or web resolution?
  8. Thanks. Well because of the camera. I use Nikkor 24-70 2.8 lens, so that is normal. When I shoot at iso100 its all good, but at iso400 the grain is showing in the darker area of the pictures with my Nikon D800.
  9. Thanks, I've already removed it. Didn't want to risk a lawsuit for font or something. there are a lot of images with the same mask already online with the existing text, but it was quick to remove it for me, so all done
  10. Informational text ''FACE SHILED'' from a photo in the attachment, yes or no? Its not a logo in my opinion, will it be accepted or I need to remove it?
  11. How does the price of a photo change regarding the size? For example, will my image sell at the same price for specifically 7360 x 4912px and 4858 x 3242px. I have some grain and sharpness issues and downsizing the photos for about 66-70% is fixing me that problem more quickly than selective removal of grain for example. So if I downsize my photos, I'm a losing money in a long run, or that's just the way to speed up your portfolio size? Thanks
  12. Thanks Antoine, this is the right link if somebody is looking for application as a editorial contributor. https://www.shutterstock.com/editorial/contributor-application And didn't knew about it. What's the difference between regular stock editorial section and this page you've sent me?
  13. Ok, I am new in the editorial section and never had to upload photos that are newsworthy and needed to be online as quick as possible. Had some images of riots, and thought that they need to be online as soon as possible. So, is there a way for them to be online in quicker way then cca 12 hours that I've experienced with my first editorial submission? The review process is insanely quick these days, but I've found out that my photos were online about 12 hours after the review process. So, can I do something to shorten that time? Thanks.
  14. What do you suggest, uploading 3 images now, 3 images next hour, 20 images in the afternoon and 20 images duging the night or all in a single batch?
  15. Hi guys, I'm searching for the answer for the photos of Mac book. I'm finding a lot of these images in editorial section and some in regular section. I know that top view of iPhone is protected, but what about Mac book. Do I upload them in editorial or regular and wait for them to be rejected? Thanks to all in advance.
  16. Do I require a some kind of release for them or should I just delete them? I think they are important, because they tell more. Please don't mind the plate on the ground...
  17. Hi everybody, I'm just wondering how do you choose models? As I can notice, there are a lot of non professional models on stock noways, or am I wrong? People are smiling, but the girls are not perfect fit models, guys are not shaved properly etc. For example this image As I can see, these two girls are not professional models yet their image appears in the popular section when I type hair dresser. So, how is important to have gorgeous girls or guys in your photo by your opinion or I can just take photos or regular people doing their job and I can expect these images to sell and become popular on SS. Thanks in advance.
  18. What are dimensions for "super" photo size? Mine of 6016x4016 in 240 dpi, default of a NEF from Nikon D600 are selling as "large", but I see that some smaler ones are selling as "super" sized. What is the catch here?
  19. A LOT of images are missing here... Also missing: 122157970 122157982 122157985 122157988 122157991 122157997 122158000 122158003 I can find them by photo ID easily but really not showing up in my portfolio.
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