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  1. Can this have a negative effect on Shutterstock as an agency and us as contributors? For example, can contributing the same images to Freepik hurt our sales here since they are cheaper, but yeah, I've heard a lot of negative things about them. Thanks.
  2. Yup I am familiar, thanks. I will make one for every shoot.
  3. So, I've got a sweet daughter now :D and I am taking a photos of her now and then. I upload a small batch now and then, 5 images per shoot approximately. Do I need to provide a model release for EVERY shoot for that date or I can use the one from the day before? Thanks.
  4. I would LOVE to have an answer to that question, but as you see, I am totally confused Love this one by the way
  5. Ok, but I am telling you that for example, that friend of mine is not doing all of that. He's Images are full of genuine noise, and they are selling, a lot.
  6. So, for some time I am frustrated by the senseless rejections, and now I am beyond that point. This image below was rejected with the reason, TOO MUCH NOISE and I am kindly asking everybody to tell me, where is that awful noise? I am writing about this because I am here to learn and to progress and to make money for Shutterstock and for myself, but I am really baffled now. I have spoken to a good friend of mine who is one of those top tier stock photographers. He is making a fortune out of his portfolio, while I am making cca 30 dollars per month here. That wont be the problem, If I haven't in
  7. I have same nice images of yoga on stand up paddle board. Took a drive during the night to go to the river to take them in the early morning at 6 o clock during the sunrise. Busted my ass for it and now they reject them all because they say they are not sharp, and I think its total BS. How can you tell if its sharp enough when it is a silhouette and the subject is dark. I get them that it ''looks'' that is not sharp, but I know they are sharp because the board where the subject is standing IS sharp. And that place is in the plane with her face, and I am not able to get those images online. And
  8. Ok, dont believe me. 800 dollars for the first 3 days during july for my friend, and other have actually increase their income during this period, then go and delete your portfolio with them.
  9. Dude, believe me that the big players will get their levels up in a matter of months and will end up earning at a full potential really quickly.
  10. This maybe is not for this page, but following the recent changes in a world that are affecting all of us, including Shutterstock I've had a change of hearth. I was angry at first. How dare Shutterstock take my earnings??? Even if I had 60 dollars per month. So they took my 30 dollars, but I've just realized that it was Shutterstock who made a lot of people in third world countries rich. Not rich as some people, but a lot of people that I know made they way into all of this with their wits, sweat are A LOT of hard work. So, it is out commitment to stay with Shutterstock during these hard tim
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