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  1. Third time’s a charm! 🥳 Well done 👍👏
  2. Thanks Wilm. 20k-25k per month is still a very amazing and exceptional feat!! 🙌 👏
  3. Great interview! I rather curious on how many images get downloaded per week in SS alone... Is 20000 dls per week for portfolio with such high quality and quantity an understatement? 🥶
  4. True that. Only a very few in the forum generate that kind of sales these days...
  5. This is something i am curious about. How to turn the portfolio off in forum?
  6. Are you forum_mihai aka mandritoui ? 😬
  7. I have images from 2012-2013 still sell a few times weekly. Basically sales are more or less even from 2012 up to this year. The latest one sold yesterday was from May 2020 for 97 cents. That’s my latest coz since then i have stopped uploading.
  8. Hi, the list is updated. @lorenza62 that's one hell of a OD! It's even higher than Level 5 top OD
  9. That’s shocking! Can’t go any lower than 10 cents for sub. But ODD that’s an unbeatable record, Milo. Really demotivating! Also, sorry guys had not been updated the list of late but will add them to the list later. 😔
  10. You are absolutely right, Starsphinx! It's your luck regardless of your monthly average and that you do not have enough data to calculate probability. But to say you do not have enough date to calculate probability - and neither does anyone else, is a blanket statement, no? @Wilm Ihlenfeld my download figure remains more or less the same compare to last year and the year before. But my overall earning is going downhill.
  11. No disrespect to your highly professional advice, Doug. Don't shoot me for bringing this up. You asked why buy a new one when you can buy an old one? The logic is reversed. And we are not talking about investing in a piece of antiques here? If I have to spent 7K on a device, I better be damn sure that it wouldn't act up on me within few weeks from the purchasing date. How do I make sure if it won't go wonky within a few weeks or even a few days? I don't. With a new one, I get at least 12 months warranty. To fork out 7k for a 6 year old used 4k camcorder no matter how mint the condition is, is like daring a newbie to jump straight in to the sea from a 60 meter cliff. It sounds scary to people given the economy outlook now, at least I earned no way near where you earned in stock. 🥶 If I really must put my money on videography as a newbie now, then I feel this is right for me to start it with https://www.blackmagicdesign.com/products/blackmagicpocketcinemacamera
  12. Thanks @Awana JF, the amendment is made.
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