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  1. I believe you are way too optimistic about it since you are only looking at 10 subs per month deal. 750 subs per month sells for usd200 That is 27 cents divided by 35% and you will very likely to get 9 cents per download.
  2. Eventually... we will be evolving past a need of superstition. ☺️
  3. In term of collection, i also have multiple downloads from a repeated location from time to time...I would say typically from 5 images to 20++ from a same location. the record was 168 from just one location. But that alone can't prove that buyers are heading straight to my portfolio first before the main search result from SS... In term of keyword, it really gave us some insight on how people search our images in particular. So I am on the same page with you that I am also certain that some buyers are using a unique word in looking for my image. A little tip to share with you regarding keywording is to maximise the number of keywords allowed (to 50) in SS because the 50 keywords that we put into an image can generate and multiply to more than 1000 keywords combo. Below is from one of my many images that has hit more than a 1000 keywords search combo in SS .
  4. I know it seems blunt but it has very little to no significance on how one’s top images is sorted in his/her own portfolio. No buyers by default will look for a particular port to search for a particular image. Unless your works really attract their eyeballs in the SS search result. Then, perhaps they will take time looking into it. Still at that stage it is ok if the image/series they want is not on the first page as long as it’s within the portfolio. Does it make sense? It matters so much more if the image can be found on SS by simple and short keywords combo.
  5. Indeed. Publisher is equivalent to InDesign. I had purchased Affiinity Designer on the ipad so i can only give my opinion using it on ipad instead of desktop version. Price asides, like it's rival, Affinity has the bells and whistles to create complex vector art. However l find it slightly overwhelming in term of it's toolset placement. I am also not very keen on how the layer structure was built, as every single stroke I made in the app will have a layer of it's own. In short, It has many tools within the app to get a vector job done like illustrator but Affinity lacks the ability to let you add awesome third party plugins like Astute graphics. It seems to have a simplicity of Procreate on ipad at a glance, but it was way too many hidden features needed to be used when all you really wanted to do is just draw. In the end i just not able to incorporate it to my workflow, I use "graphic" "fresco" and "concepts" for my preliinary vector sketch. I still look forward to their future updates and hopefully be able to use it more often.
  6. Adobe is doing ok. Had got a few sales every couple of days but my assets there are far less relatively.
  7. Congrats! Wishing you onwards and upwards from this new level.
  8. Wow congrats! Your stats is truly impressive, Konstantin L. If I understand correctly that it took 10.5 years to reach your total earning of USD>64k. That’s roughly USD6k earning per annum. You said you hope to achieve USD100k by end of this year. That’s equivalent to get USD36k in one year time? It will be even more impressive if you are able to achieve this goal amidst pandemic time. All the best to you.
  9. Like everything else. Similiarity can either work for you or work against you. I hold on to the idea of same same but different and it works for me. To illustrate my point, below is an example of how images that are same same but different is being applied to create a strong visual piece on the cover. It can be used individually or it can pair with other to create a contrasting or harmonious theme to tell a story effectively.
  10. I don’t judge in this case, Richard. I was purely looking from the standpoint of the upward spike on Deb’s chart without comparison to others. One can be happy to see such a jump like her chart in one’s portfolio regardless of where volume and sales is. 😊
  11. Wow, that’s one helluva of a chart there! 👍🔥🔥🔥
  12. Maybe is a dl fairy? 😮 He/she realised you had a zero download weekday that was unheard of and made it up with 7 SOD today? 😆 All in all, no matter who bought it. It’s a really nice surprise towards the end of the month.
  13. Inspiring! Congrats on reaching tier 4 and your 10k earning, Rudra.
  14. Thanks @Wilm Ihlenfeld. No complaint. ☺️ So far the first 3 months shown a slight drop in $ despite total Dls increased. As for April. It will very likely be a decrease too in both $ and Dls a matter of to what extent 😅
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