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  1. I have a small port in AS, only 4 images were selected but none of them is on SS, 3 of them are a no-brainer as they only had 1-2 DLs over a year. The one with 9 DLs i won't include for the exchange.
  2. I am using Safari too and can see it no problem but when i switched to Chrome, the data asset is not there.
  3. Hi Wilm, That's strange...I just clicked on any of any image and it will lead to the page where the asset data is shown underneath it. I think it has a certain correlations to the number of downloads of an image but i am not sure too. Agreed, the undiscovered in the search sounds better too. If not mistaken, SS did that a long time ago but then the tab disappeared 😞
  4. Opps, I haven't been on the forum much these days, i didn't realise there's already a thread related to the asset. Thanks for pointing it out, Firn. I have a few good ELs last weeks not sure whether it is by chance or as a direct result to the introducing of the assets. I agreed with you that this is microstock, majority of the subscribers are more likely to use images that're popular as they appear on the first few pages and they want it fast. I still hope that there will somehow be another group of buyers looking for rare used images for whatever reasons. All in all, that seem
  5. Hello all, I noticed there is a new column underneath each image (photos and illustrations) being introduced as per sample attached. My initial impression of this new feature on SS is that this will encourage buyers to buy enhanced license to images that're rarely used? Also to push contributors to create new content? Do you think an asset that has high popularity will stand for a higher chance to gain more enhanced, ODD or SOD or one that has a low popularity? Interested to hear your thoughts and opinion on this. Have a good week everyone!
  6. Beeple has a S6 store https://society6.com/beeple selling his physical poster, art prints and canvas prints that you can hold with your hands or hang in the wall, with a much more "down-to-earth" price tag. As much as I like to see digital art selling at Christie's with astronomical price for fellow illustrators with him being the poster child on that front, at this point of time, I think NFT art is at it's very sink or swim stage.
  7. Curious on how AI going to predict the quality of abstract paintings. 🤔
  8. Thanks, Wilm. Agreed with what you said regarding SOD is akin to a lottery. Although, a small SOD is still way better than pennies! 😁
  9. February usually my worst month most years. This year, it surpasses my Jan income. Also back to Level 5 yesterday. I have this feeling that Level 4 seems to bring in more SODs. In comparison to Level 1, 2, 3 and I don't even recall I received that many SOD from past year when I was in level 5. Anyway I have no way to find out. At the end of the day, whichever level we are, we will inevitably still see a lot of 10 cents? So EL, SODs and ODD make all the difference. Feb SOD 2018 = $ 95 Feb SOD 2019 = $ 76 Feb SOD 2020 = $ 48 Feb SOD 2021 = $ 157
  10. Congrats! I have an EL too this morning closed to 30 bucks. Same week like last month I got a 30 bucks EL but was taken out by end of Jan due to fraudulent activity or whatever. I hope this one isn't going to adjustments tab.
  11. Oh fish! I see it now. That explained. Thanks @kSergiUs
  12. I can't find the "adjustment" tab, where is it located, @kSergiUs?
  13. This morning I looked at the January income on my computer, I couldn't believe my eyes that 30 dollars is missing mysteriously from the income compared to yesterday when I looked on my phone app. When I looked at the phone app again, it flashes the real income in milliseconds then revert back to the new earning (-30 dollars). Never happened before but true that to what you said. 🙁
  14. Thanks Wilm! You will definitely get there. Just that, the number of dls and the income seems to practice social distancing themselves too! SMH
  15. 500 DLS and the RPD is 0.30 cent. 😶 s .
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