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  1. Thanks @Awana JF, the amendment is made.
  2. Never too late, thanks @Evelyn de Waard These've been added to the list.
  3. Yeah i know, it's very demotivating to say the least at time like this. But that's one record ODD for level 4 you have.
  4. It really suck to see the low ODD. I got them too, rest assured 0.90 is not the lowest ODD for level 4. and the lowest one in the list is pretty hard to beat.
  5. Yes, really not sure this will be meaningful attempt in populating the list. Was initially thinking of how far the variety goes in term of the sub and ODD and still like to see how far it can still be carried on. No offence, when you said you have many numbers that not yet listed here, i will be quite surprised if those numbers are from level 5? Level 3 is far less numbers appeared than say level 4 or 5... anyway, i do see your point as fellow contributors had posted their similar views earlier. I am aware that teeny sales still exist by large in every tier. Maybe if there’s an official list from SS this thread wouldn’t be here in the first place. Personally I am just curious to see also if there’s any advantage being in higher tier as the announcement claimed that it will be a fair way to reward contributors with the new earning system.
  6. Welcome back Wilm and thanks for sharing your June insight with us. Your conclusion is spot on that SS has this figured out. For me, June sales has gone down and the first few days of July didn't start well either. A downward trend it seems, since I have had some strange ELs in June, hope it will bring on to this month as well to ease the slow sales in general.
  7. Have you heard of collateral damage? If buyer can pay zero. Why would they bother to pay anything at all? This actually hurts contributors most. Small volume buyers get us higher value dls. To have 10 free images is way better than paying 49 bucks for 10 images. So how can you say contributors get paid the same? It just isn’t true. In fact, it is almost like SS driving buyers away from small sub packages to big sub packages. And I don’t need to tell you what you earn if your images are being downloaded by big sub packages instead of small packages.
  8. Coincidence happens. Last time the publishing company i worked for have 3 different accounts with different subscription package. If there’s a collaboration between two magazine titles. The designer might have downloaded the hires in respective account and not aware of it. If it’s under the same account, It’s a redownload and will not be charged twice.
  9. I see, yours quite hard to beat as July experience. Thanks for sharing.
  10. Yes, not quite the answer I expected, but it’s amusing! 😅
  11. Yes i will continue updating as long as the new numbers are still coming in.
  12. My bad for presuming you were on 25% Under 500 dollars was 20% earning in old system if not mistaken?) With that said, still glad to hear it working out positively for you in June @Awana JF
  13. Thanks Linda, appreciate your point of view. To be able to see the impact, we will keep looking at it for a longer period of time and i really hope to be proven wrong or overly pessimistic upon the new earning system.
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