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  1. I'm new and I have 56 photos, and didn't sell anything yet. There are others with a smaller portfolio than made who managed to get their first sale much faster. I have descriptive titles and 50 tags on every photo, but no sale. After how much time should I expect my first sale, or my images aren't going to sale, because there is no demand for them?
  2. Aren't they accept any kind of shadows?
  3. The main rejection problem of my first 10 pictures was the poor light. Please tell me what should I improve.
  4. Is there a way to edit out of focus images, so it can be good for stock sites?
  5. Is it over edited or is out of focus?
  6. Thanks for all the suggestions. I will first try to fix my camera.
  7. I understand now. But what should I adjust at my camera?
  8. I think I don't understand what focus really means. I read the article on Shutterbuzz about "Why images get rejected for focus", but I didn't understand many things. All my 10 pictures were rejected by this reason: Your image is not in focus or focus is not located where we feel it works best. Some of them had other problems too. Can someoane explain to me how should focus be?
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