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  1. I agree - this should not take so long! Good luck.
  2. Well, let me add my 2 cents and 5 rejections. I joined back when getting in with 7 of 10 approved was a real challenge (and it was a good thing). For 2 or 3 years these standards were maintained. Then, suddenly, all sorts and heaps of crap was accepted. Better images were flooded by sheer numbers. I guess this was in part to just show off with a high number of images. The good side was that some more 'artistic' of experimental images were accepted and... sold too, albeit not in high numbers. So with the new stringent policy, it feels a bit unfair. Anyway, about the rejections. First, a dr
  3. I build a relatively simple PC some 5 years ago, with an i7-3770 and added an Intel PCIe 400Gb drive and a GTX 1070 GPU last year, and keep it on W8. 50MP files and PSD files up to 1.5GB are still are flying in PS, and 2K+ footage editing in Resolve is more than fast enough. I also have a Dell Precision 4800 laptop with 16GB memory, SSD and extreme Intell, which I bought 2nd hand for around $750, which so far worked flawlessly for over 2 years (I keep it on W7). I'm no Apple fan either. Maybe 15 years ago when I used them they were best for graphic work, now I find them overly priced and (fra
  4. Had the EF-S 60mm for a few years too on a Canon 660D. A very nice lens, relatively light, cheap, sharp and as said good for all things apart from macro,
  5. Thanks Martin. I've mailed to NBB for clarification (or confirmation) of their rigid new policy and I'll send you their reply.
  6. Though this issue is only sideways related to Shutterstock, and therefore I apologize for mentioning other stock vendors, the issue does relate to my appreciation of the 'liberty' here, as opposed to others. The 'NBB' is a stock vendor in The Netherlands with a focus on images of The Netherlands. I occasionally submitted some images there. Now, however, after new ownership, they seem to want me to abandon submitting new images to any other stock vendor apart from themselves. A rigid form of exclusivity, which I find outrageous as there is no guarantee whatsoever that they can guarantee any for
  7. Rejected for the 'Potentially sensitive information': the reign of Friedrich Wilhelm in Prussia, from 1640 to 1688, seems to be classified info. Better tell Wikipedia. Or is there another 'such as signatures, credit card data, email addresses, isolated license plates, etc' I'm not getting? Not the most special image, neither the most shocking rejection reason (error?): I'll just resubmit.
  8. I presumed the change in 'large preview' functionality was to prevent access to higher res images by unauthorized people, who might use url 'sniffing'.
  9. A t3i should be able to do some nice video, especially with a lens with an aperture like 1.8 or so (the fifty nifty). People often like the out of focus element of such an aperture. Also, you'd have to manual focus, which I do with video and which is not that hard getting used to - even without focus pulling gear, I usually do alright even with a 1.4 aperture setting (knock on wood). I think there is a sort of scale, which has an optimal balance point. True, it ain't the camera - but if your gear is to 'low', you get hampered in finding out what your personal style is (what can be done wi
  10. A good thing, two categories. I also find some categories 'missing' - especially things like 'agriculture' or 'barber' etc. - related to professions, fields of work. Best I can think of is to place them under 'Industry' but in my mind that is more like steel and robots.
  11. Fun stories! Allas... I checked my portfolionino... No funny stories attached - not to a single image. I'm planning an emergency therapy session. Why not me? Am I that boring? Doubt creeps in.
  12. If a modern building is the main subject of an image, and not part of a general city skyline, copyright might apply (architect). The reviewer of your image was strict - more so than often in the past. Thus (probably) the other images were allowed before such a focus on buildings became general.
  13. Hey Tpena, Welcome. You have many similar images, as Paula French already mentioned. Still, I think there are some nice ones, though again as said, you seem to be hampered by a lack of depth in color/contrast. See example: a simple curve adjustment in Photoshop gives your (nice) image (right side adjusted, left side as it was) more 'presence'. Maybe take it at a slightly lower tempo in numbers submitted, and study editing a bit. The best of luck!
  14. You could also consider something like Lynda.com (video tutorials). It is a paid service but they have a free month trial. Preferably, find a series with a teacher you like. It can be done (sort of) with Youtube naturally, but personally I dislike the wide variety in levels and styles you have to digest, which for me is very tiresome and inefficient (I like structure when I learn something new). And/or invest some time in finding a good book (don't just buy any Photoshop book). A good, thorough and well thought about book is invaluable for it will help you lay a foundation of 'understandi
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