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  1. Hi, Great portfolio, If you leave, all the images will lose their popularity, think again when you are not angry I did the opposite, gave all my strength to SS and AS now I'm so happy (I left all other agencies)
  2. Great February Shutterstock got off to a great start, AS showed its best starting performance. thousand dollars in total..
  3. ooooooo classic rock, my favorite tattoo on my arm
  4. So let's stop work and listen to rock music
  5. 2630 downlaod level 5 (yesterday) I guess there is no other level until mid july I asked SS to open a new level ... Level 5,5 12501 download, commission 37.5% , They said it would be very difficult to calculate
  6. Sales were slow for the first 4 days but then accelerated It is going to the 5th level with great speed ... Like January 28th
  7. No other answer to you! If you talked without swearing, I would continue to talk to you but you're not of that quality Bye Mr. Great Photographer
  8. You are a great photographer, we expect good comments from you, no need to be angry Mr. Great photographer, now I will follow your comments, maybe I will learn something Can you teach me what "collage" means
  9. The great photographer spoke, another comment?
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