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  1. We don't study statistics here... these statistics are enough
  2. Sales are great.... thanks Shutterstock Sunday ........... $ 93.46 Monday .......... $ 132.20 ( until now) I sold 2 more photos (10c+10c) Monday ...........$ 132.40
  3. Sales are also great on the new system I love you!
  4. thanks! I thought the same way but photo was rejected
  5. Hi, Kate The problem continues.......... Photos are still not online. Why? Approved on 13.03.2020
  6. Hah hah haaa! I copied it, I will send it to AS, of course I make a few changes
  7. Hi, Aaron of L.A. Photography "Don't use visine" and don't complain to the cops I will never say anything like that again... please forgive me! knock knock (I think the cops are here)
  8. Absolutely agree, Sony cameras are problematic Another problem, on the other hand, is that the background is incredibly "distortion"....no noise Nothing to fix this situation
  9. Hi, Should be like this, resubmit to upload the photo below....
  10. I'm the best, there is no one else in the ranking
  11. SS announced from twitter, a short-time problem Thank you!
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