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  1. I get "transfer error" after very long upload time...
  2. I'm doing vectors and the sales was never worse! No matter how much I work, sales are constantly decreasing! In 2014 with much LESS vectors I earned for one day as much as I earn in 5 days now with much MORE images in the gallery. Does anyone have an idea of what to do, what kind of jobs we can turn to now, because this stock staff is no longer profitable?
  3. Upload and then nothing... processing...
  4. Can't open my portfolio... Anyone else with same problem? "We're sorry, but we were not able to load this contributor's gallery at the moment. Please try again."
  5. Yes, considering that a very bad month is behind us/me... and there is no indication that the situation with sales will get better but only worsens...
  6. Hope it will be quickly repaired... ?
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