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  1. Hi. Is there any contributor videographer living in Miami, Ft. Lauderdale or Orlando. Im planning to go on february there and i would like somebody there i can pay to train me in footage. Many thanks.
  2. Hello. Same to me. Please help us when you can. David.
  3. Hello guys. You still having this problem? I have more than a week with images approved and dont show in my portfolio. Also i have a week waiting for approval and nothing. I will write an to shutterstock contact. I think there is something happening to the site.
  4. Hi, Im planning to travel to Switzerland and i would like to meet someone that sells microstock footage. I have some doubts in the footage and i would like a hand there. Is there someone here? Thanks. David.
  5. Hello. Any recommendation for my Canon 5D. I want to take photos of landscape. Please let me know which one is a good one for stock. And also in what F and shutterspeed you recommend me to program it. Thanks. David.
  6. Thanks to both. Message accepted and processed. David.
  7. Hello. My lens come with a switch of 1.2 and the other 3. What i read is that is the infinity solution. Can someone recommend me where to put it? I take studio shoots and landscape with this lens, but im not clear in that option. Thanks for your help. David.
  8. Sorry for the question. But whats the total amount to participate the 0.38?
  9. Its missing the 3D renderings. No interiors allowed.
  10. Hello. Here are all the companies that have this application: The agencies involved are: Alamy Bigstock CafePress Canstock ClipDealer Crestock CutCaster DepositPhotos Dreamstime 3DStudio Fotolia GimmeStock GraphicLeftOvers Istockphoto MostPhotos PantherMedia Photaki PhotoKore 123RF ScanStockPhoto Shutterstock StockFresh SuperHug Veer Visco Images YayMicro Zazzle Zoonar Pixmac
  11. I sent them an email. They took it away right away. They told me that the developer have a free application on the android market but with less agencies and he made an update with 29 total. They told me that android market dont let developers out of USA charge for their application. It must be an USA developer so thats why this person went to Opera for the upload. I check the android market and there is a free application there but with less agencies. Shutterstock is there, just that most of them are missing. But i think you can tried. See android market when you can. I wrote t
  12. Yes i pay $2.99 for the application. Its not free. Anyways is there.
  13. Hello Guys. There is a new application for android phones, devices and tablets to check your earnings in shutterstock and 28 more agencies in your devices.... thats amazing. You can check it here in mobile: www.apps.opera.com/pa/​microstock_report.html Just go and search Microstock Report in the search and youll see this application. Its very amazing for us that are photographers. We can see all of our new earnings live on our mobile.
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