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  1. On Microstock group one Contributor posted this: I understand your concern regarding your payment and I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused to you.I checked our records, and unfortunately the payment for your January earnings did not successfully go through due to a technical error. It will be automatically reissued in the February payment cycle and you should expect to receive it by March 15. Our current payment systems do not permit us to reissue payments outside of the regular monthly schedule. We apologize for this delay and any inconvenience it may cause. If you hav
  2. I am not sure, noone to come with official statment of what is going on..I gess that it is not massive problem so that is why there is no response
  3. Yes, you are not alone
  4. It wolud be good if they could give us some information, can we expect our income, is it on hold for some reason, delayed or something else?
  5. Yes, I know, but it looks that is just couple of us who did not get payment, thank you for your respond.
  6. This is answer that I get today: Quite a few contributors are reporting that they have not yet been paid and that is unusual. This would indicate that it is an issue with the Shutterstock system which they will be aware of. Payments are normally made by the 15th of the month but whether these payments will be made in the next 24 hours is not clear.However, I can assure you that you will receive any payment that is due to you although it does look as if it will be a little late this month and I can only apologise on Shutterstock’s behalf. I would not expect them to be added to the March payment
  7. Sorry to say this, but maybe someone reported your account..are you an author of all illustrations in your gallery?if it is so, then you should write them to report the problem https://submit.shutterstock.com/contact?language=en
  8. I know that SS state that our payment will be sent by 15th in the month but I always get payment between 7 and 9th in the month but still nothing , no email from paypal. Does anyone have this problem or it is just me?
  9. I still wait paypal mail for SS payment, nothing yet which is strange..
  10. I definitely will, thank you once again for sharing your story🙂
  11. Thank you for sharing your experience with et.. store!🙂 I created account there but never upload anything thinking that my content would not go well there. Well, I will give it a try after your post here. Did you put all your SS content there??
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