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  1. I tried to find any business reason, or some motive for selling my photos and illustrations for nothing ... I will not post any more photos, illustrations or videos on this site. From the first of January, we will say goodbye to each other after almost 10 years.
  2. That you think you're not creative, or someone told you? As Dave said, you born with it, but ... You work hard, be diligent and if you have a little talent, it will appear in your work ... Some courses would be welcome, and you have the whole internet to increase your knowledge.
  3. Right now they are "correct" a 2012-09-22! ...and earnings are up. I hope it will continue with 2012-09-23 and 2012-09-24!
  4. Right now they are "correct" a 2012-09-22! ...and earnings are up. I hope it will continue!
  5. Yes, as all I have that problem ... Is there anyone that does not have this problem?
  6. The only true "organic" food for me is from my own backyard (from the yard of my weekend house). Unfortunately it's just apples, grapes, plums and cherries. Never been sprayed with pesticides and generally half collapse (birds and some of beetles). The taste is unique ...
  7. Still not fixed. Still shows Internal Server Error when clicking on the Keyword Trends ... (I use Google Chrome)
  8. I also have BME! Scoring new images every month, I hope this will continue
  9. Stairway in the universe to planet Earth
  10. Close up of domino on white background
  11. A large offset printing press
  12. I thought the JPG illustration for SS, of course, you can save the PS illustrate like the many other extensions... for many other purposes.
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