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  1. Thank you very much! Thanks for your kind words and for the advice! And good luck to all of us!! (sorry for my English)
  2. 10 cent sales when it was 38 cents?!! I'll probably be disabling my portfolio. I won't sell my vector illustrations for $0.10. My work worth more.
  3. Да ладно. Просто радуйтесь тому, что достигнуто.
  4. I write by means of the electronic translator therefore I ask to forgive my English. Your innovations are simply awful!! Unless you do not need any more complex works? Also, the author has to create with own hand the preview for the works. It should not be automatic action. The automatic heartless system brings color distortions.
  5. Now in a tab Edit content I see only one category. It is temporary? I hope, it isn't one of improvements?
  6. Thank you! Thank you!! THANK YOU!!!..
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