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  1. The site looks ok to me. I enjoyed browsing it (and your portfolio there). But my feeling at present is that if I ever do start trying to sell originals I would probably try Saatchi Art, which is a favourite place of mine for browsing.
  2. Cubism : Only in wood carving, but I have occasionally thought about it. Maybe I'll try a cubist painting now you have put the idea in my head. I confine myself to microstock because it is so complication-free compared to dealing with people. (I don't count the SS AI's as people).
  3. I do abstract paintings, for my own pleasure. I find these sell much better than my attempts at landscape photography. But then, it may just be that I'm a better painter than landscape photographer.
  4. At SS 79.4% of my images have sold. A major factor here though is that I've been a member since 2011. Also I think that many of my images being photos of my abstract paintings is not the norm; these images sell much better than my photos of places etc.
  5. Yes, about once every two months, but only this year. Reversed transactions is an issue which is much worse on a**my, but I get the impression that there it is because they allow buyers to change their mind about purchases.
  6. Perhaps the copyright has expired on the Mona Lisa
  7. Ok, will do that. Thanks for the advice
  8. The following images each contain one of my images on the left and then one or more images from a shutterstock contributor to the right of my image. I am uncertain of the rules relating to derived images. Is this permitted or reasonable use of my images, which as far as I know may well have been obtained as a paid download?
  9. To be more specific than the title allows, if I have a photo shoot in which I photograph several paintings, can I use a single digital release for the batch of images or do I have to generate a seperate digital release for each one? I suppose the question is really "can I attach several images to one digital release?". I have looked for guidance on this but so far failed to find any. There is no problem with copyright as the paintings are all by myself.
  10. VERY VERY EMBARASSING! I feel like a clown. I thought I was searching within the Eneat portfolio but actually was searching ALL OF SHUTTERSTOCK. What a silly mistake. Profound apologies to anyone I have offended. My previous message was totally in error. I have written to infringementclaims@shutterstock.com confessing my error.
  11. Please check to see if your artworks are stolen by this guy too. I have reported this to infringementclaims@shutterstock.com I think his entire portfolio is stolen artworks I have written to infringementclaims@shutterstock.com. My email was as follows: https://www.shutterstock.com/g/Eneat This shutterstock account is full of stolen images (from me). To find LOTS of them, I searched within the account using keywords "abstract geometric modernist paintings". BY DOING THIS, I FOUND 221 OF MY IMAGES IN JUST THE FIRST THREE PAGES
  12. Hi Ralf, I don't follow your reasoning here; if the image is being rejected by AI then I can't see how changing the description would help. I don't believe that the AI can be that clever. Off-topic, it's interesting to see that you favor topaz sharpen AI, I've been thinking about trying it myself.
  13. I have had similar troubles a few times, but only with closeup shots. I believe that in my case the problem was that the grain of the watercolour paper when seen in closeup looked like the artifacts that result from oversharpening. I resubmitted with this explanation given and the images were accepted.
  14. One of a series on the theme of "The Seven Ages of Man", as described by Willy Shakespeare. My series was called "The Seven Ages of Skull".
  15. All downloads are images; no video. January was total 336 downoads with RPD 0.45. I'm not a "higher level person". (I'm expecting to branch into video soon, but considering all I've read here about SS royalties for video I think I'll try them elsewhere if I can produce some work which I find convincing.)
  16. Earnings down, but not as bad as for some. I think I've been lucky, compared to others. I wonder if this is because I'm in a niche market (arty stuff).
  17. It seems to have gone away today, I have just just the one example of the double watermark with my last download yesterday.
  18. My last download has the double watermark. But only the last one; downloads earlier today don't have it. I would think that it is intentional and new.
  19. If she doesn't want to do it then I would just accept that.
  20. Thank you, Marcel. Some nice images in your port I think. Clive
  21. Thanks for the sentiments, and of course for writing. And congrats on your sale. live
  22. Thanks Wilm, it was a great surprise to me. Now I just have to hope that validation of the sales goes ok, so that I can get the cash into my account.
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