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  1. To be more specific than the title allows, if I have a photo shoot in which I photograph several paintings, can I use a single digital release for the batch of images or do I have to generate a seperate digital release for each one? I suppose the question is really "can I attach several images to one digital release?". I have looked for guidance on this but so far failed to find any. There is no problem with copyright as the paintings are all by myself.
  2. VERY VERY EMBARASSING! I feel like a clown. I thought I was searching within the Eneat portfolio but actually was searching ALL OF SHUTTERSTOCK. What a silly mistake. Profound apologies to anyone I have offended. My previous message was totally in error. I have written to infringementclaims@shutterstock.com confessing my error.
  3. Please check to see if your artworks are stolen by this guy too. I have reported this to infringementclaims@shutterstock.com I think his entire portfolio is stolen artworks I have written to infringementclaims@shutterstock.com. My email was as follows: https://www.shutterstock.com/g/Eneat This shutterstock account is full of stolen images (from me). To find LOTS of them, I searched within the account using keywords "abstract geometric modernist paintings". BY DOING THIS, I FOUND 221 OF MY IMAGES IN JUST THE FIRST THREE PAGES
  4. Hi Ralf, I don't follow your reasoning here; if the image is being rejected by AI then I can't see how changing the description would help. I don't believe that the AI can be that clever. Off-topic, it's interesting to see that you favor topaz sharpen AI, I've been thinking about trying it myself.
  5. I have had similar troubles a few times, but only with closeup shots. I believe that in my case the problem was that the grain of the watercolour paper when seen in closeup looked like the artifacts that result from oversharpening. I resubmitted with this explanation given and the images were accepted.
  6. One of a series on the theme of "The Seven Ages of Man", as described by Willy Shakespeare. My series was called "The Seven Ages of Skull".
  7. All downloads are images; no video. January was total 336 downoads with RPD 0.45. I'm not a "higher level person". (I'm expecting to branch into video soon, but considering all I've read here about SS royalties for video I think I'll try them elsewhere if I can produce some work which I find convincing.)
  8. Earnings down, but not as bad as for some. I think I've been lucky, compared to others. I wonder if this is because I'm in a niche market (arty stuff).
  9. It seems to have gone away today, I have just just the one example of the double watermark with my last download yesterday.
  10. My last download has the double watermark. But only the last one; downloads earlier today don't have it. I would think that it is intentional and new.
  11. If she doesn't want to do it then I would just accept that.
  12. Thank you, Marcel. Some nice images in your port I think. Clive
  13. Thanks for the sentiments, and of course for writing. And congrats on your sale. live
  14. Thanks Wilm, it was a great surprise to me. Now I just have to hope that validation of the sales goes ok, so that I can get the cash into my account.
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