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  1. I have had similar troubles a few times, but only with closeup shots. I believe that in my case the problem was that the grain of the watercolour paper when seen in closeup looked like the artifacts that result from oversharpening. I resubmitted with this explanation given and the images were accepted.
  2. One of a series on the theme of "The Seven Ages of Man", as described by Willy Shakespeare. My series was called "The Seven Ages of Skull".
  3. All downloads are images; no video. January was total 336 downoads with RPD 0.45. I'm not a "higher level person". (I'm expecting to branch into video soon, but considering all I've read here about SS royalties for video I think I'll try them elsewhere if I can produce some work which I find convincing.)
  4. Earnings down, but not as bad as for some. I think I've been lucky, compared to others. I wonder if this is because I'm in a niche market (arty stuff).
  5. It seems to have gone away today, I have just just the one example of the double watermark with my last download yesterday.
  6. My last download has the double watermark. But only the last one; downloads earlier today don't have it. I would think that it is intentional and new.
  7. If she doesn't want to do it then I would just accept that.
  8. Thank you, Marcel. Some nice images in your port I think. Clive
  9. Thanks for the sentiments, and of course for writing. And congrats on your sale. live
  10. Thanks Wilm, it was a great surprise to me. Now I just have to hope that validation of the sales goes ok, so that I can get the cash into my account.
  11. Thank you Monika. Best wishes to you from Scotland. Clive
  12. What a Christmas present from DT - $686. Never had anything like this from then before. This morning I found that overnight I had 49 downloads on DT, all $14.3. Not at all what I'm used to. Santa Claus is real after all! This has overturned all my expectations re. stock sites.
  13. Thank you for your kind remarks Rudy, although I'm not sure I deserve them. I don't much care for dealing with galleries, and so (being of a grumpy disposition, I'm told) I choose not to bother them. Also there are severe practical difficulties in selling art. The worst is that galleries tend to like framed pictures, and as I already have a storage space problem with unframed paintings on board or paper, I don't dare to start framing them because that would make the storage problem much worse. On the plus side, I enjoy painting and microstock does mean I can indulge myself in buying photo
  14. Steve, The camera is a Sony A7 which has been converted, and is currently fitted with a 720nm filter. The biggest problem I have found is finding a lens which is good at infrared. Most lenses are not. The images were taken with an old Minolta 17-35mm lens, which is the only zoom I've so found so far that is good at IR over its whole zoom range. I have uploaded IR shots to several microstock sites but they don't sell well for me. I think the images are quite atmospheric, so perhaps I'll try arcangel with my next IR attempts.
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