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  1. I feel lucky to be out of step with the general mood of this thread. I had plenty of 10 cent sales, but July sales were about $220; a long way off my BME but better than I expected with the current SS royalty schedules. I had been thinking of pulling out of SS, but if this keeps up I will be staying. So doom and gloom is not yet universal.
  2. I would think that it could just as easily be due to badly-written AI software
  3. Absolutely BRILLIANT suggestion. Sadly, this will not fit with SS management policy.
  4. I once had this problem and got no help from shutterstock as to what the problem was. Then I checked and found out that SS had updated their release form; I was using an obsolete version. The problem went away when I used the latest version of the SS release. This may not be your problen, but it's worth checking.
  5. There is something odd about it though; I found lots of my images there and clicked on my last (very recent) shutterstock submission. The text alongside it translates as : "THIS IS A INDIVIDUAL LICENSE AUTHORIZING A NATURAL PERSON TO LICENSE, DOWNLOAD AND USE THE VISUAL CONTENT. If you would like a multi-user account, contact us! For editorial use only. This image may not be used for advertising or advertising purposes. Please sign in to purchase this image or register!" The image on SS is provided with a property release, and sold as a commercial image. So why is it classed as editorial on Puzzlepix?
  6. If the suggestions are based on the photo then the process is less than competent if it regularly comes up with 'vector' as a keyword for a .jpg. Of course, it is possible to have an image which suggests the idea of vectors but I don't think thisapplies for the many cases I have seen.
  7. Yes, I get similar irrelevant suggestions. But usually there are a few valid ones, so I'm in favour of using the keywording tool. My aged grey matter finds it easier to reject duff keywords than to think up new ones!
  8. I do appreciate (and often use) the keyword suggestions that are offered by SS when submitting images, but it is strange that the suggestions I get sometimes include the word 'vector'. This happens in spite of the fact that my submissions are (and always have been) jpgs. I do realise of course that it is my responsibility to avoid this suggestion, but why is it offered if the image is a jpg? Or am I missing something?
  9. Many thanks for that information. I did do that and got a 'profile strength' of 95%. Then I filled in a few lines of biography and got 100%! This may not matter at all, but at least the effort required was negligible. And who knows, the forthcoming 'excitement' may be linked to this so I figure it is worth doing.
  10. Shutterstock can be very worthwhile, but don't expect to make enough to live on. For myself, I do what I would be doing anyway; I paint abstract images for personal pleasure. And then I photograph them and send them to microstock sites. Shutterstock gives by far the best return for me. This earns money, but not enough to give anything like a decent return on the time taken. But I'm not a pro; the money I get is mostly re-invested in art endeavours and photo gear etc. This keeps me happy, but my methods and motivations are probably not the usual ones for microstock. I also do some photography when I feel the inclination, but this earns much less per image than my painted images. Perhaps I'm a better painter than photographer!
  11. I must say that I'm full of admiration for anyone who earns enough to be considered a money laundering risk. Full of envy, as well!
  12. I remeber looking at FAA some time back and deciding at the time to do nothing. Perhaps it's NOT time to look again. Thanks for the information
  13. I remeber looking at FAA some time back and deciding at the time to do nothing. Perhaps it's time to look again. Thanks for the suggestion
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