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  1. I noticed that my iPhone Shutterstock widget stopped showing earnings sometime today. I deleted the app, re-downloaded and installed it— and now earnings not only don’t show on the widget, but the app itself shows an error when I go to earnings. I haven’t seen anyone else report this. Is this just me, or is anyone else having this problem?
  2. Same here, both the app and the website dashboard.
  3. Mine isn’t. It was going back and forth, but now it’s stuck on the old number with the new not reflected anywhere. I know this happens frequently on the first of the month, and it seemed okay yesterday. But now it’s the 3rd, and the problem reappeared.
  4. Sold first time today, same day it was accepted!
  5. Finally hit the $500 royalty bump today -- yay! Took a few years (although I was inactive for much of it).
  6. Not for me. But the fact that the fix is rolling out for some is hopeful.
  7. Same here -- a sale showing up as sold for first time, shows on map, but nowhere else.
  8. This is very frustrating for me, as I'm within about $2 of the next bump in royalties. On the edge of my seat til this gets fixed.
  9. Not only my latest, but first time, and one day after acceptance -- a rarity for me.
  10. Sold the day after acceptance, which almost never happens to me! Although because of the current website and app problem, I can't see the details, just that it sold for the first time today.
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