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  1. Hey All, It has been several years since I have submitted images. I just submitted a few images of my daughters, I used the shutterstock provided model release for minors and all images were rejected for model release. I think I used to sign as the photog and parent/guardian, and my wife sign as witness, so that is how I did these. What did I do wrong?
  2. For anyone that cares, feel free to check out what I have been doing in life, on my youtube channel. Here is my latest cycling adventure!
  3. Image: 668979319 Also batches: 157483552 and Images: 668954161 Missing, and my latest are showing. Thanks for the help.
  4. Right on!!!! Thanks Rinder! Ill be down in LA in August, ill definetly hit you up!!
  5. Hello fellow shutterstock contributors!!!!! It has been 4 years since I sold my camera and quit doing photography!!!! I got fed up and burned out with people wanting free/discounted photos!!! Well after a 4 year break, I am back!!!! I have vowed not to shoot for money, but I will still submit here and there to shutterstock. It is good to be back! I see Rinder is still around! Hello Lauren! Anyone else from "back in the day" still here????
  6. In my opinion the easiest way to get your first ten accepted is to shoot several differrent models in a studio using strobes and white or black backgrounds. Throw in a landscape photo and two other photos of your choosing and you will have good odds of getting accepted. Using strobes your less likely to have focus issues, even if you are shooting hand held (which every single one of my studio shot photos that are accepted on this sight were handheld) well pretty much 99 percent of my photos are shot hand held (I hate tripods) As far as commercial appeal, a model doing anything o
  7. Don't touch Jeff's ammo or he will draw on you
  8. Thanks Dave! Was bored yesterday, figured I pop in and stir up the pot a little bit I am still running, I just ran the Death Valley Marathon a month or so ago, and I will be doing 21 miles on my 31st birthday, here in a couple of weeks. Good to talk to you again!!!
  9. Sure am glad I didn't listen to the critiquers about this sign It is now a couple years later, has made me some money and is my 13th most popular photo!!!
  10. Took this one when Mike Ledray and Jeff Banke and I got together for pizza. I bought the pizza (cost about 20 bucks) and it has paid for itself several times over And this one was an ODD, but it was a 58 dollar whammy, so I will just post it here:
  11. I hoop you get some more too Pun intended! Here is mine.
  12. Thanks! I actually quit making images about six months ago, but a person contacted me (I don't know how they found me) about taking images of a product they sell (he was a big fan of my work, and he was local). I have started shooting for them (with their equipment, I sold all of mine). It has reignited my photography interest, so I may buy some new gear and start shooting more.....time will tell. Right now I am shooting in their studio with their lights and Canon 7D. I can say it has been an adventure, and it has definitely been fun as well as profitable!
  13. I took this picture with Jeff Banke and Mike LeDray when we had a photography adventure at Jeff's house! Thanks guys, and thanks to whoever bought it!
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