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  1. https://www.shutterstock.com/ru/image-photo/mount-hermon-snow-hula-lake-panoramic-608294123
  2. Good idea! Well done. A little bit more stats about views of files will be good! Thanks
  3. Thanks Paula. I will try but this is so funny bug
  4. Hi. By using of SS mobile client application for contributors I see always message about "Some problem" (without explanation). I still have notification messages from SS but can't see updated stats and images. Restart of my Phone and application has no effect. Using iPhone 6S with latest iOS updated. Any news about this problem?
  5. Thanks to all of you!!! It's very helpful dialog here. I need to think about.
  6. Thank you for so good explanation. A problem with landscapes is very high light of skies and clouds with darkest down with trees. I was exposed this picture at the middle line to get full range by my cameras DD and try to return clouds color to real. May be you are right and I will try to set more light on the trees and skies. Thanks again.
  7. On my Retina in shadows I see the colors - not see som underexposed regions or parts. My question is why you think about this picture as under exposed?
  8. Why do you think this picture is under exposed? By histogram I see only small difference to the left side, no fails in exposition.
  9. Thanks - I also found it - I should check my matrix and lenses. Could you please explain what do you mean when sat unexposed. My english not so good.
  10. This picture was rejected right now with reasons: noise + dust and scratchers Of course matrix is clean and I can't found any noise except clouds foggy structure. I need help from community to understand and beware from unreasoned rejects. I can't upload full size here - server twice returned errors But I have a link with full size of this picture. https://plus.google.com/107025530833316450211/posts/NaeHpNGa3hu Thanks a lot Alexander
  11. Thanks. You always have a time to say something very important.
  12. Thanks Just for info - monkey is not under-exposed, but background was on sun light (this is about 14:00). Background is far away - so it blurred so much.
  13. Thanks What about Shutter perspectives?
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