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  1. I thought, it's ok for them somehow to use 3d models they bought for their renders. Looks dirty for me, but I understand why it can be acceptable. You need to add a lot of work to 3D model to make an artistic scene with it. It's like a photography, when you have a real objects you don't own and photographer's work you did around it. But using stock backgrounds and footages? It is definitely not what their buyers want to pay for. Imagine you paid a few thousands for an original one-of-a-kind art piece and the next day see it in local grocery's ad. By the way, I have a little insider i
  2. Now I have only about a 15-20% vectors unaffected. Sales stopped.
  3. Update. 60% of my vectors are rasterized now. It keeps going. And if it will continue this way, I will lose over 9000 vectors by tomorrow.
  4. Send a claim to the NFT marketplace. It should not be allowed on their side. Pure fraud.
  5. I have about 5000 vectors converted to raster illustration. I have no idea how to recover it. Not a single idea. They are still vectors, if you open it with a direct link (maybe I'm just lucky or did not checked enough). But you can't find it in the base with filter by Vector. Only as an Illustration. The same thing happens if you just add the keyword "vector". They disappear.
  6. Well, I have the reply from support. Payments will be issued next month. And no official apologies, of course. Because shut up and do your job, that's why.
  7. Guys, we have to eat, pay the rent, taxes, etc. You can't just skip the payment or move it to the next month! And buy the companies, invest, etc at the same time! I still don't have the money too.
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