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  1. In any case, with any stock - delete your works first. Then wait a few weeks to month and only after this ask for payout and closing the account. SS is less problematic, probalby, but there's always some weird partners, on-hold sales, etc.
  2. Check out the Stock Contributor Coalition if you feel powerless.
  3. Search for a MicrostockGroup forum. There's a huge list on the right panel. Choose wisely, read the feedbacks,
  4. But YAY have no sales and previously known for not showing it and not controlling it's partners. Not a best company, I guess.
  6. 8 millions of resources are gone by now. And counting.
  7. 2 millions of vectors are down now. And counting. Still no official response from Shutterstock? Really? Guys, are you even alive?
  8. You disable SALES! Read the description (question mark near on/off trigger). Is it possible in this situation to keep sales? No! Portfolios can't disappear in one click. Indexation takes time.
  9. Seems to be true. John Oringer sold his share (I don't know how much). So, I guess he don't control 51% anymore. And maybe he was the first to get rid of it. I wonder who will buy it after all this chaos? Maybe even somebody already have a deal?
  10. It's fine. I'm doing it via Catalog Manager the whole day. Not a big deal (yet), just a little cleanup.
  11. Looks like all the Elvises had left the building.
  12. Lol, I gave you enough support, when you cut down referral program and Extended license earnings. Now I need your support, because guess what? I have a harsh time around! And I bet that in my country it is way harsher that in US. Where's your diversity, social responsibility and other trends we should enlighten in our work? It is a time for you to implement it!
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