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    Announcing new “Status Flags” on the submission page

    Good job. It works.? Thanks Panny.
  2. Thanks. Nice and clear. Good change! And map remained, it is very good
  3. Many thanks! This is good news.
  4. Frank11

    Advanced Keyword Suggestion Tool now for Android

    I tried it and I'll use it. It's really good.
  5. Thank you so much. Lately I have sales of newly Submitted photos almost zero (even though I increased the quantity and I hope the quality). I hope that this change will contribute to the improvement.
  6. Frank11


    Thank You, Cathryn. I am a Shutterstock contributor since 2010. I believe that I will be able to congratulate you to success soon.
  7. Frank11


    "Congratulations! You have reached $3000.00 or more in all time Shutterstock earnings ..." Thanks Shutterstock Team.....
  8. Frank11

    Announcement: New Editorial Guidelines

    Great news and a good idea, I think. I remember how I was taking photos of a cup of coffee at Starbucks in Times Square, so as not to see Starbucks logo on the picture ..... Business is evolving and it is good :-) Thanks for the new guidelines.
  9. Frank11

    Historic Pictures Restored

    Wonderful photos and very valuable
  10. Frank11

    Contributor Success Guide

    Simple and very good advice at the same time. Thank Shutterstock.
  11. Frank11

    Introducing Single Image Sales, Updated Royalty Schedule

    Great idea. Thanks Shutterstock.