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  1. Good job. Very nice. I like it. Thanks đź‘Ť
  2. OK. When the change already is, Bigstock will reacts to it when? I have a problem upload big EPS files on Bigstock.
  3. Dear Anna, I like changes, but this doesn't make work easier. Sorry.
  4. Thanks. Nice and clear. Good change! And map remained, it is very good
  5. Thank you so much. Lately I have sales of newly Submitted photos almost zero (even though I increased the quantity and I hope the quality). I hope that this change will contribute to the improvement.
  6. Frank11


    Thank You, Cathryn. I am a Shutterstock contributor since 2010. I believe that I will be able to congratulate you to success soon.
  7. Frank11


    "Congratulations! You have reached $3000.00 or more in all time Shutterstock earnings ..." Thanks Shutterstock Team.....
  8. Great news and a good idea, I think. I remember how I was taking photos of a cup of coffee at Starbucks in Times Square, so as not to see Starbucks logo on the picture ..... Business is evolving and it is good :-) Thanks for the new guidelines.
  9. Wonderful photos and very valuable
  10. Simple and very good advice at the same time. Thank Shutterstock.
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