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  1. I'm afraid because usually I'm paid on 5-8 each month and now my January payment seems fotgotten, I didn' receinved anithing. And seems that no one can give me an an answer abut what is happenig. Well, if someone still wotk here and read, Please can we have our Money?! Thanks
  2. So, today is the 16 and I still haven't received my payment and, now, I begin to feel worried. What's going on? And, I try to speak with someone and ask but I don't find the way to send a mail to a support center.
  3. I'm shocked too, exactly the same for me. I'm a level 4 and I my illustrtions are sold to 0,10 cent. I can't believe it's true! So ss take our work and now give it for free? But if I take 0.10 cent to level 4 what is the fee for a level 0? nothing? I loved SS, I didn't expect a so unfair behavior, please, tell me that it's mistake.
  4. I had the same notifications, it'll great if we could see all the images added to lightboxes but it isn't possible , I guess.
  5. Wow guys I didn't expect these words but I have to say thank you, you make me happy :)!!!! Very very happy!! The problem is solved, today everything is ok. I don't understand what happens but now everything is ok, so, well.
  6. Hi I write to you because, since Yesterday, I can't enter in my shutterstock account if I use firefox browser. I tried with Explorer and everything is ok but, usually, I use firefox and it's a problem for me. I tried to open Shutterstovck from Google and the main page for buyers works well but the contributor page is offline. Please give it a look. Thank you very much
  7. Still problems here, Firefox is totally down, there's only an error message when I try to open my Shutterstock page. Explorer does't upload the downloads map and I can't upload images. I can't write on the forum too, to write I have to go on Firefox and make a google search with the words "shutterstock forum". There are many problems. Please try to fix the firefox problems, it's my main browser. Thanks
  8. It works in Internet Explorer, doesn't work in Firefox since a couple of days.
  9. I hope that they'll change. The problem is in the new entries, you are right, sometimes I see a lot of images where the only difference is the color. Maybe there should be a stricter way of reviewing and less admissions to sellings...It's so boring see 6 or 7 images similar, where the only change is the color I think that customers are annoying too.
  10. I think this is a good thing, there are too many similar images with only a color change and I think that everyone is able to convert color photo in a black and white one (you have only to click a button) or make a color change. It's a really easy thing. Sometime I see the same picture in 5 or 6 color versions and I find it annoying and I think that customers are annoying too. Maybe I'm wrong, just my opinion. Anyway I'm glad about this decision.
  11. I really love the new dashboard! Thank you Shutterstock.
  12. Approved but not in portfolio and not in database (as you can see if you click on the photo id link): Photo ID: 519846019 519844462 Please fix Thanks
  13. Batch ID: 118843684 (10/23/2016) Batch ID: 118843417 (10/23/2016) Approved and missing, fix thanks
  14. Same problem here Fix soon please, it's a little bit disappointing
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