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  1. I appreciate it, gents. I think the name of the game with SS now though is quantity... if you can get past the photos past their AI submission checkers.
  2. Iphone XXX!! I can't wait for that version! That said, I think I'm going to stop submitting here for a while. Way too many automated rejections for the hopeful dime. Gambling and putting money into weed stocks are much more entertaining and probably have a much better ROI than losing time trying to get photos accepted here.
  3. <rant> I'm at the cusp of pulling my entire SS port. Nothing fun or even encouraging about being here anymore. Level drop; monthly earnings not in triple digits. And the most annoying thing....the nonsensical rejections. Same model, same session, same batch - few accepted, and others rejected for invalid model release. All this just to get .10c subscriptions. I can go to IS for that. </rant> Okay, rant over... my question is.... how do you all see your SS earnings in the next couple of years?
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