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  1. Over what time frame? As much as I'm hating these .10c sales, they still come at a more frequent rate than the higher avg sale at AS.
  2. Check out Pexels.com and or Pixabay.com, which offer free images. Explore images that are similar to yours and try to upload images that are more visually appealing. And then keyword properly.
  3. Beautiful images Merrillie... too bad they're all out of focus. I'm not sure how they ever made it available for sale! 😉
  4. Wtf.... I just read up on the comments and apparently you are not kidding 🤯 Maybe they're overreacting to the lack of QC in recent years; or need better qualified reviewers. Whatever the case, I'm feeling like my skills have disappeared and my port a piece of crap this month with the rejections and lack of sales.
  5. Lol, bravo! I just got all my slow shutter photos mass rejected. WTF is going on!?!? Appreciate the comic relief!
  6. Same here... looks like a Saturday for me. It's Valentine's Day, but getting absolutely no love here or any of the other agencies. And it's that kind of month as well.
  7. Wow that's great Paula. Hopefully I'll be able to emulate your success 🙂 I stopped uploading there because I just neglected the site for a while. Only towards the end of year did I start to look at it and I'm now making a more concerted effort to include IS inspite of those effing $0.002 dl's. Speaking of, I was completely annoyed that some folks from China downloaded dozens of my images at that rate! I don't blame the consumer. I'm annoyed that IS allows for that kind of licensing. But the triple digit dollar amounts do help offset those, so I think of the miniscule royalties as loss leaders. Good luck!
  8. I started re-submitting there again recently after going through my end of year analysis. I've got about 3 years of photos to submit and I hope it'll be worth it. My most popular photo there is, not exaggerating, about 700% better performing than here on SS. Go figure. Their keywording system used to drive me bonkers but I've learned to save my most often used as templates and that has streamlined the process. Good luck!
  9. Not either/or; for me it's both. Lightroom to catalog and apply general changes to a shoot, Photoshop to to bring the images to production.
  10. Including all agencies over a span of about 7 years, .87 for photos and vids. Mostly photos. And that includes the dozens and dozens of freaking .012c dl's on IS.
  11. Lol, welcome to the ever diminishing world of royalties 🙂
  12. Yup... that's how I use the two as well. LR also for cataloging and the basic and global edits. Photoshop adds the wow.
  13. Last two years for me have been 45%. Rest is divvied up to subs and videos.
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