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  1. Allen.G

    Best Cloud Storage Option?

    I have maybe a quarter of what you have, but the initial backup does indeed take a while and it's a pain. I checked around last year, and I noticed that a few of them offer sending you portable drives for the initial backup to speed things up. I don't remember exactly which ones, but they're there.
  2. Allen.G

    Download locations

    I think that's a great ratio. From my experience, most of the higher commission downloads come from the US. If I had to guess, I'm at about 40% US, 60% rest of world this year.
  3. Allen.G

    Download locations

    There was a time when I consistently had more US downloads than the rest of the world. The last few months, the balance has shifted away from US downloads. Where do most of your downloads come from.... US or outside US? Mind you this is subjective, but I wonder if this coincides with drop off in earnings this year.
  4. Allen.G

    Doom & Gloom 2

    Same here. If things don't pick up in the next couple of days, this will be my worst month of the year on SS. And the last few Thursdays and Fridays have not been good. On a brighter note, AS has been picking up the slack whenever SS is down.
  5. Compared to when? I remember when SOD's used to regularly pay about or more than EL's. Now I get lots more SOD's, but much much less than what it used to get in commission.
  6. Allen.G

    just a Quick Note from a Good friend.

    That’s an inspiring story. All the best Mike!
  7. On SS, 2170 images. About 375 month. Videos are almost nil. They do better on P5.
  8. I clump my uploads, but small clumps since I only upload a few every couple of days. Does this method keep the title and description from getting truncated? And I'm presuming there's no pre-selection of category. I usually do web uploads and sometimes ftp. Each time, I have to re-enter full title and descriptions.
  9. Allen.G

    Editorial flower

    Maybe that's what the reviewers meant, lol. Resubmitting as editorial anyways to see what happens. These types of images don't sell that often. No, trademarks in the keywords.
  10. Allen.G

    Editorial flower

    This is the first time a photo with a floral and flower focus was rejected because it had to marked as editorial. Unless the blurred canal is the problem. Good grief.
  11. Allen.G

    Driving Across the Country...

    Very nice! Keep sharing!
  12. Allen.G

    Doom & Gloom 2

    Man, this is the worst start I've had to a month in a series of declining months. Feels like my port got shoved to the back of the line. Barely making double digit downloads even on weekdays.