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  1. Compared to when? I remember when SOD's used to regularly pay about or more than EL's. Now I get lots more SOD's, but much much less than what it used to get in commission.
  2. Allen.G

    just a Quick Note from a Good friend.

    That’s an inspiring story. All the best Mike!
  3. On SS, 2170 images. About 375 month. Videos are almost nil. They do better on P5.
  4. I clump my uploads, but small clumps since I only upload a few every couple of days. Does this method keep the title and description from getting truncated? And I'm presuming there's no pre-selection of category. I usually do web uploads and sometimes ftp. Each time, I have to re-enter full title and descriptions.
  5. Allen.G

    Editorial flower

    Maybe that's what the reviewers meant, lol. Resubmitting as editorial anyways to see what happens. These types of images don't sell that often. No, trademarks in the keywords.
  6. Allen.G

    Editorial flower

    This is the first time a photo with a floral and flower focus was rejected because it had to marked as editorial. Unless the blurred canal is the problem. Good grief.
  7. Allen.G

    Driving Across the Country...

    Very nice! Keep sharing!
  8. Allen.G

    Doom & Gloom 2

    Man, this is the worst start I've had to a month in a series of declining months. Feels like my port got shoved to the back of the line. Barely making double digit downloads even on weekdays.
  9. Last 5 years? I wouldn't necessarily look at SSTK as a long term investment for sure. Lots of competition. No moat...relatively low barrier to entry. Management, I suppose, is doing a decent job for their shareholders. Haven't looked at all the financials, but there's better category leaders out there with no debt, large moat, and excellent management. Here's the 5 year chart.
  10. +1 - The game here has evolved to quantity over quality , and the only winner in the equation is the agency. Makes me wish P5 was more popular with their 50% commission split.
  11. That's the message. Loud and clear.
  12. I don't know about you guys, but I'm a little miffed that SS, even after missing its earnings target, decided to announce a special dividend of $3 per share to shareholders. Even more so, I feel a lack of appreciation for its contributing community and disrespect for their work. How about throwing a bone to the community that provides the content for the business? Let's see how much the investing community will help you when your content quality goes to sh*t. And I say this as an on/off investor to offset my declining monthly sales here, even though I've continued to upload what I consider to be decent content. How about increasing the subscription earnings at the very least? Or grant the contributing community part of that dividend. I'm sure there is less of us than all the outstanding shares out there. That would save you some dollars on your bottom line. What a shame, Mr. Oringer. *insert expletives here*
  13. These days, it probably behooves us all to have a mix of both. Quality first, obviously. Seems my portfolio loosely adheres to the 20/80 rule, so it's a numbers game of just making the pot larger. OP, keep uploading, with a focus on more quality work.
  14. Allen.G

    The generic milestone thread...

    Meant to post a couple of days ago but was away on a trip - surpassed 25000 downloads total for all agencies. SS comprises about 85% of those sales. Thank you SS!