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  1. Right. I see this as sort of a lottery win.... I think I may have won a new drone 😉
  2. Right. I didn't know those licenses existed with SS. Makes me wonder how the image will be used.
  3. Yup, that was the intent. Even so, I think the halcyon days of stock photography are behind us. I'm thankful that I still get paid somewhat for this hobby.
  4. I've been disappointed by the diminishing returns and earnings over the last few months, but yesterday I had my largest sale ever at almost 4 digits, and the first time ever I've broken 4 digit earnings in a month. I consider this an anomaly, but I'll take the tawdry .14c subscription sales if these kinds of sales are still available, even if it's once a year. Thanks SS. I'll continue to upload, albeit at a snail's pace these days, with hopes of keeping the port relevant.
  5. I appreciate it, gents. I think the name of the game with SS now though is quantity... if you can get past the photos past their AI submission checkers.
  6. Iphone XXX!! I can't wait for that version! That said, I think I'm going to stop submitting here for a while. Way too many automated rejections for the hopeful dime. Gambling and putting money into weed stocks are much more entertaining and probably have a much better ROI than losing time trying to get photos accepted here.
  7. <rant> I'm at the cusp of pulling my entire SS port. Nothing fun or even encouraging about being here anymore. Level drop; monthly earnings not in triple digits. And the most annoying thing....the nonsensical rejections. Same model, same session, same batch - few accepted, and others rejected for invalid model release. All this just to get .10c subscriptions. I can go to IS for that. </rant> Okay, rant over... my question is.... how do you all see your SS earnings in the next couple of years?
  8. Over what time frame? As much as I'm hating these .10c sales, they still come at a more frequent rate than the higher avg sale at AS.
  9. Check out Pexels.com and or Pixabay.com, which offer free images. Explore images that are similar to yours and try to upload images that are more visually appealing. And then keyword properly.
  10. Beautiful images Merrillie... too bad they're all out of focus. I'm not sure how they ever made it available for sale! 😉
  11. Wtf.... I just read up on the comments and apparently you are not kidding 🤯 Maybe they're overreacting to the lack of QC in recent years; or need better qualified reviewers. Whatever the case, I'm feeling like my skills have disappeared and my port a piece of crap this month with the rejections and lack of sales.
  12. Lol, bravo! I just got all my slow shutter photos mass rejected. WTF is going on!?!? Appreciate the comic relief!
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