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  1. This sounds as if our personal portfolios are not important anymore. Sad.
  2. HI. It looks like you will be paid this month. My congratulations. BTW, you don't have to request payments. Have a look at your Account Settings page (it is in the menu under your name at the upper right side of your dashboard). There is a Minimum Payout there - that is the manual regulator of your payments. Here is more info on the issue: https://www.shutterstock.com/contributorsupport/articles/en_US/kbat02/000006593?q=Minimum+Payout&l=en_US&fs=Search&pn=1 https://www.shutterstock.com/contributorsupport/articles/kbat02/000006636?q=Minimum+Payout&l=en_US&fs=RelatedArt
  3. Could you believe? Got sorted in 13 min down the publication on forum. So people... get you problems to forum. It really helps. What a wonder!!!!🤩
  4. Have similar problem in this month. My payout is due. Tax form is fresh and approved on 12/13/19. But earnings are not being zeroed on the March 1st (till now). It had never happened before. I wrote to support and got a reply from an outsourcer who have no access to data, blamed paypal, can't really check anything, and even don't know how long the Tax form is valid according to SS manual. So I don't know what to do next really.
  5. Yeah... I noticed it too. Rather a big difference. We don't have to wait long anymore. Our fellow photographers are constantly talking of AI here. Well... may be. I don't know for sure. Besides, who would be happy to check noise or aberration on 1000 and 1000 of photos day after day after day after day? I think there is a reason to use machines for this kind of work anyway. Yet it would be nice to know that the final decision is made by a humble and compassionate human being. I'd even forget the weekend strikes...))) Diane, I like the elegant simplicity of your photos. That blue ric
  6. NO. Not for me.This is the problem. They are sold but they don't move at all. They sit on the same exact positions as they were uploaded.
  7. It looks like I am a guinea pig or the have same bug too as I am going in the same direction. But I wouldn't say I have no sales at all. So until the money drip, I don't mind. Though, to tell the true, not all my images are the 1st page perfect. So I am not very happy about it too. It would be nice to have an option of prioritizing the 1st page manually. But I doubt it is implementable.
  8. To have the one don't recommend to upload on friday afternoon, saturday, and sunday. By my observation these are the days of the highest number of dumb rejections.
  9. Can't see pics in my portfolio... takes more time to load forum too. Slow... slow.. slow... And also the portfolios of all the people posted in this thread. My i-net speed is OK. Checked it twice.
  10. What kind of weed are you smoking there?... You speak about countries which actively build fascism and at the same time propose censorship. Don't you see any kinda discrepancy here?.... Think again.... And a little bit more... Nop? Don't see anything? Actually, I don't think you are a businessman. Businessmen work 24/7 and have to count costs and do a forecast for at least for couple of steps ahead. I bet you are a state administrative clerk. It is them who operate with schemes, budgets, propose additional taxes (you love your fellow citizen so much!!!), and have time for hobbies
  11. Yeah... I do have some imagination )))).... and logic, and a lot of other personal stuff... Agree. There are certain rules of decency. But they are not universal. Lets say a rough, poor taste, and overdone humor, alcohol, sex, and flags in every scene. I tell you what... For some people (don't want to offend anyone), it is a perfect flirty idea of having good time. Should such pics be banned too? IMHO decency is also a rather vague criteria and depends a lot on a potentially offended side. How loud it could scream something like "Can you show it to your Mom or not?" or "How could you? I
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