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  1. so, it's about 5 days gone since the theme was started and that portfolio still didn't blocked? Is SS turned to semi-criminal dump?
  2. as for me dreamstime is half dead stock
  3. this is the market, many contributors will jump out if they won't see the sense for uploading here
  4. Can you explain 30% from what? Now I have .33 per download, how much will be with 30%? It doesn't clear
  5. Hi guys, The question is mostly related to those folks who are using Payoneer. This Monday certain sum from my SS account was deducted and sent to somewhere. Today is Friday and I still don't see this sum in my local bank account as well in Payoneer account. This is my first transfer from SS to a bank account via Payoneer. How much time usually this transfer takes?
  6. yes, you are right) but illustration is a bit conditional so it's involves some fictions and not necessary to reflect laws of physics. ✋
  7. Do you mean I have to expand my portfolio with 1000 such level illustrations to be good to go?
  8. thank you! ✋ It definitely has sense, I'll try
  9. seems to be true ✋ 🙂 thank you! That's the point I was considering it could get into the top of summer images
  10. thank you 🙂 ✋ seems you are right. I just thought this image has a bit more chances... Ok, we won't give up 🙂
  11. Two weeks have passed after uploading this image and three similar images, but no sales so far... and this in Summer season. What's wrong is here?
  12. two weeks have passed after uploading but no sales for this image... What's wrong is here?
  13. thank you! I'll try to resubmit as I can see my illustration this doesn't contradict the rules
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