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  1. It was paid the month after, together with the payment of the current month.
  2. That's the second time this year. Extremely fast in cutting contributor commissions and paying out dividends to stakeholders, but keeping their IT-department and Financial department running is too much to ask?
  3. Shutterstock (and many other agencies) regularly publish 'what sells at the moment' articles. I suggest taking a look at these. Take a look at what is currently in demand, follow the news, media, twitter.
  4. Don't create icons at all. Create things that are in demand, preferably niche subjects. That's the million dollar question everybody wants to know the answer to. If I knew that, I'd be a top contributor. All I know is that anything that is easy to make (black and white icon sets for example) and high in supply, doesn't sell.
  5. Stop creating generic vector icons, add more originality to your work instead of creating the x millionth 'house icon' vector. Of course, creating high quality images with 10c sales as a 'reward' is not sustainable long term...
  6. Shutterstock will probably argue that these video sales are ON TOP of the regular video sales. Can anyone confirm if that's the case? I've disabled my portfolio since the new royalty structure so I can't say for sure.
  7. All these sarcastic and snarky comments and complaints about decreasing revenue, yet no one is taking action?
  8. I appreciate how Shutterstock went to lengths to provide you with extra background information regarding the license and use and how this was determined. Such an extensive reply, the investigation must've been very thorough.
  9. Next level, who cares. It's meaningless because even at level 6 (an almost unattainable level for most) the royalties are still low.
  10. How are you gonna pay that mortgage or food on your table with measly sub dollar video sales? Not intended as an attack, just some food for thought (no pun intended).
  11. You're still uploading after the royalty cuts and complain about rejections? You allow them to sell your stuff for 10c and even with that in mind your photos get rejected. Where's your dignity?
  12. How is this exactly REWARDING and FAIR, Shutterstock? No matter what level you are, the tiers are worthless, as people at high levels will still earn only 10c per sub sale if they're unlucky. A 50%-75% decrease in revenue, going straight into the pockets of Shutterstock. You're robbing hard-working artists of their well-deserved income. Soulless, corporate greed is what it is, nothing more. How Shutterstock managers and CEO can live with themselves is beyond me.
  13. Even out? I want GROWTH, but every stock agency is making any growth impossible if they all keep racing to the bottom. How in the world do we survive dwindling sales if our own agencies screw us over every once in a while? Just when you think you're floating towards shore, they just push you back out to sea to drown. All I'm asking is a steady revenue with some growth, but Shutterstock is like your annoying big brother trampling all over your sandcastle.
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