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  1. Uploading is going crazy. When uploading a number of photos uploaded are not being recognised (11 rather than 13). Had to open another tab to see the photos (13). Then when uploaded not recognising no. of photos uploaded and pending. So annoying!
  2. Same problem. 15 uploaded, 4 missing. Rename and reload 4, 3 missing. Gave up on the 3 missing
  3. Having the same problems which have been gradually getting worse over the last few days. Getting to be a complete waste of time!!!!
  4. Same issue with a couple of photos getting stuck. Decided to upload them again but with a slight variation of shade and a couple of black and white versions. These were all accepted, so now 9 new photos in my portfolio thanks to this glitch
  5. Over 5500 images gone, only 185 now showing. I had hoped I was going to escape this latest SS glitch
  6. Yes, it was accepted as an illustration. Since it was drawn from a photograph I had taken, I have to submit a property release form with the original photograph. I'm guessing that you have been drawing your sketch in your sketchbook. Possibly if you took a photograph of this original sketch and submit it on a property release, it would be accepted
  7. Currently rejected for being auto-traced. How this could be considered to be auto-traced I really don't know, since I used find edges, watercolour and cut out filters to create this manipulated photograph illustration.
  8. So Darla, are you a photographer or are you an illustrator?
  9. So again is this a photograph or an illustration, given the definitions established previously? And why?
  10. photo-manipulation Definitions from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License n. The application of image-editing techniques to photographs in order to create an illusion or deception.photo illustration http://www.webopedia.comA type of computer art that begins with a digitized photograph. Using special image enhancement software, the artist can then apply a variety of special effects to transform the photo into a work of art. difference between photograph and photo illustration What we have to do is to define the amount of manipulation that is allowed for a phot
  11. Photograph or illustration. Rejected when submitted as illustration for being the wrong designation? Detail of a larger image
  12. It is all very confusing, I have resubmitted it last night as a photograph with reference form and it was rejected (1 hour ago) since it now needs an illustration designation. 18 hours previously, it was rejected for incorrect illustration designation and told not to select the illustration drop-down. I feel I am being kicked from pillar to post by the SS reviewers. Ironically, this week I have had similar illustration photos already accepted by the reviewers which would lead me to conclude the decision making is arbitrary Barry, I would agree it does look like it had been run through Topa
  13. This is a detail of the previous photo. Reviewers are saying this can not be submitted as an illustration but submitted as photograph rejected for focus!!!!. Obviously another one for the proverbial wall.
  14. Aiguille de Midi above Chamonix. So is this a photograph or an illustration?
  15. Alastair Wallace

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    architecture of market towns
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