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  1. I'm in shock !!! Will it turn out that I haven't received money for the third month already? What can I tell my child, dogs? - "Sorry, but someone wants to eat more than you?"
  2. Last month, I was unable to receive money because my tax form was invalid. This month I checked everything: tax, e-mail, PayPal - already on the 13th, but still no money! I am outraged! Shutterstock is my main income! I am one raising a teenage daughter and count on my earned money !!! If before I felt awe of the Great Stock, now this stock began to resemble a scammer who will cheat and steal . I have given for stock more than 10 years.. There were many good things, different ... It hurts me to look at this .
  3. Dear Shutterstock. Where is my payment for May? ! Please solve this problem
  4. On the map there are sales, and in "Earnings Summary> March 10, 2018" - sales 0
  5. I have the same problem
  6. I have the same problem. Money is not received by Skrill
  7. I have 14 vectors missing. They were approved yesterday . They're not in my image gallery, and not in search. number of vectors : 121167349 121155793 121070362 121056061 121015873 121004215 120998359 120998362 120967738 120967741 120967744 120967747 120967462 120225448 I hope you solve this problem. I waited 11 days of acceptance ...
  8. I want to add two voices , too!
  9. Does anybody can explain what's up? what's up with new content? I have poor sales of new vectors too The new vector is not sold for several days I hope it will be repaired soon. In portfolio, of loaded vector are displayed, and in the category they are not.
  10. Alkestida


    I have poor sales of new vectors, The new vector is not sold for several days I hope it will be repaired soon.
  11. Problem solved. I removed from the portfolio template and load the template again with a note. Template accepted and appeared as expected in the portfolio. Thanks to the inspector. Topic can be considered closed.
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