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  1. Well, after investing thousands of dollars of camera equipment and software, this announcement finally confirms that it literally doesn't pay to be a microstock photographer anymore. Why should I put in all the time, effort and money to travel, scout locations, catalog and retouch images, only to make pennies every year? I mean, I was already making pennies, but I guess you can say I'm making micro-pennies now. Really disgusting and egregious of all, the reason for the restructure is guised and presented to us in the most patronizing and disingenuous explanation possible.
  2. I have been having issues uploading my iPhone images directly into the app. After I keyword and give a title, etc, it just disappears. I decided to upload via phone and then take care of everything via interface on my desktop. I'm able to submit, but then later I get a message that the file is corrupted and did not upload properly. I have an iPhone 6S
  3. I like the new guidelines for editorial, I think it opens up some restrictions we've had before. Nicely done.
  4. Hey, I went to the "Your Account" section of my profile b/c I notice that my sales weren't being posted on my FB page as they once were. My automatic Tweets are set up fine, but then when I get to the FB section there are no live links to help me set up the automatic notifications. It just says "Login with Facebook", but the link is dead. Can anyone help? THanks.
  5. So can anyone explain the difference between a lightbox and the catalog manager? Seems like they have similar purposes. Thanks.
  6. Thank you for the input, Mike. I'll play around more and find the workflow that's right for me.
  7. I'm vaguely aware of all of these capabilities, but what I'm really looking to do is fine tune my raw file as much as I can before I convert it and upload. Taking it a step before, even before I upload, there are things I like to do such as use the clone tool to clean up messy areas, fine tune selections, etc. I don't want to do this ins RAW software (if I'm using the term properly). So after I do everything I do in RAW, what's the best file to work in CS4 to do these other things before I upload to SS?
  8. OK, I think I saw that program fire up when I connected the camera to my desktop. I performed a default install when I fired up the Solutions disk, so I just have to find it and put a shortcut on my desktop.
  9. Never Mind! Found it. Thanks so much for the tip!!
  10. All I see is the DNG converter, I can't find that particular plug-in help?
  11. Hey folks, some advice if you can spare it. I just upgraded and splurged. I'm now a proud owner of the 5D Mark III. I just downloaded my images from the camera and realized that the raw files created in Mark III are not compatible with Photoshop CS4. I don't have the money to upgrade to CS5 just now. I had to download Adobe DNG converter, so I can perform my raw processing. Question: to preserve the absolute best quality of the image with as little degradation as possible, do I convert the dng file to tiff, perform additional work in CS4 then save as jpg? Or is there another workflow option I should be performing?
  12. I like this one from arevik. I love photos of old and ruined architecture and this one captures this monastery's character
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