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  1. Hello guys, forget about this issue, I just cleared my browser and went away...sorry..
  2. After SS updated the uploading interphase, I cannot update the keywords and/or descriptions of old still images. In the past, I was able to do this. Right now, I can still do it IF the image is a video clip BUT I cannot do it if the image is a still image ( I guess it is a side effect of the change) I wrote Support and they simply said: After the image is approved you cannot change keywords. Is this new? As I said: I used to do it and I still can in the video section. I am not satisfied with the answer. Is anyone else having this problem? Thanks
  3. Enhanced License Change

    I think this is the key sentence: "We have determined that a fixed rate payment for enhanced licences limits our ability to continually drive more downloads" So we must wait to see what SS unveils to "drive more downloads" . If that statement is true, SS have got to come with something more than the royalty cut for contributors Let us wait and see
  4. Enhanced License Change

    Let us see if this measure help us grow or move upwards in earnings. That is the announcement after all. If at the end the end of month balance grows it could be good The trend for the last three moths have been downwards in my earnings. That despite uploading constantly. Will watch closely. See graph here: Thanks
  5. Submitting Editorial Content, Part 1: Illustrative Editorial

    Roberto, Documentary Editorial images are not reviewed by the same standards as commercial. From the blog post: "Documentary editorial content can contain some imperfections, because capturing an event doesn’t always happen in ideal shooting conditions. However, the image quality of illustrative editorial content must be superb since the content is shot in a controlled environment." The imperfections mentioned are not unlimited of course, and to truly answer your question we would need to know which image(s) you are referring to. vincent Hi Vincent, Your answer is enough... I have no complaints about any process in SS much less specific images examples...maybe it is a wrong idea what I got...Thanks a lot..
  6. Submitting Editorial Content, Part 1: Illustrative Editorial

    Hi Vincent, Hope you are well. This post is not about Illustrative Editorial but Editorial I see that SS is more into Editorial and I like that. I love Editorial content and I have a suggestion. Pls revise your inspection policies when it comes to editorial content. I have noticed that inspectors approve or reject Editorial content by the same rules of commercial one (or maybe is just an excuse which I would understand). The real editorial content can be imperfect as long as the captured image has value. In my opinion, you have ground for improvement in that area. Kind Regards Roberto
  7. Having issues with the FTP? Already submitted info to SS. Is this only me or are you having trouble as well? Already re plugged in info,changed passwords, etc. I am still getting the incorrect log in info even when they are right. Thanks
  8. Image Acceptance - getting ridiculous

    This is not good advice telling someone to just re-upload the image in hopes that a new reviewer will approve it. Simply re-uploading images without trying to fix the issue is against policy and repeatably doing this can result in getting warnings and being banned. This comment is not a reply instead the intention is just to share, I never re upload. When I prepare the pics I sent them to various agencies and for me it is done. Images are on their own now...I love SS but I don't depend on them selling more than other the end my images are a team. Instead of insisting on an image or a set, I keep working in others... When SS is slow I get surprises from other sites and sometimes I benefit from SS. That way, I neither lose nor stress out...That is the good thing about the policy of SS of not offering exclusivity
  9. Image Acceptance - getting ridiculous

    Hi there, I have also noticed that rejection rate in photos has increased noticeably, in my opinion beyond reasonable amounts. In my opinion, It is not about calibration or other details, I get indistict messages with each rejection including that one. Sometimes, in my opinion, the reason do not make sense. Images that are accepted in the rest of the big 4 agencies are rejected in SS. I also noticed a 100 rejection rates during weekends, like if reviewers wanted to create a conditioned reflex not to submit on weekends. I filled the feedback about this. I think SS should create a mechanism in checking the work of reviewers, after all they work at home. In DT you get a second evaluation in a rejected image 5 times a month. Really hope this improves I love SS and it is an important source of income. Regards,
  10. Free Downloads?

    Hi Vincent, Thank you for your reply If free comp downloads affect the relevance then forget all I wrote before. I am assuming that is what it was happening. This is misleading because images in my portfolio organized by relevance show the ones with sales first. My portfolio is relatively new so as soon as a clip from the botton gets a download goes to the top however when I checked my earnings I do not see the money for that specific clip that moved to the top. Once again thank you and have a great day Roberto
  11. Free Downloads?

    Hi Vincent, I am trying to work this out so pls do not misunderstand me. The issue is that I never received a penny for those two clips it would have been their first download ever. My request is thatSS check the system MAYBE there is a glitch. This already happened a while ago, I when a contacted SS they deposited the money. The first time when they deposited the money was clip: 6137039 Now the two clips involved are: 6531032 4426328 And now that I check further: 4347074 (also) My request is that you pls check this. I know your company has no need for wrong doing. Maybe as I said before, there is a glitch. Kind Regards,
  12. Free Downloads?

    Hi, Recently, I noticed that two of my video clips when organized by relevancy were among the ones with sales but when I looked in the earnings the did not appeared. I contacted SS and they told me the reason they were among those with sales was because they had had free downloads. Can somebody pls throw light on this. As I know, I have never been asked if I allow my videos or photos to be downloaded for free. Has this happen to somebody else? I will be waiting your answers. Thanks in advance
  13. Trailing effect on movement

    always shoot with 1/50 shutter speed. that speed should be your default until you want to experiment with some others when you learn how and when to change it Yes, thank you all for your help. I mistakenly thought my default should be 1/30. Now I am ready to correct that. Can you please give the effects achieved with the two extremes, that is a very slow and a very high shutter speed just to get an idea. Thanks
  14. Trailing effect on movement

    Thank you very much. Yes, I guess it is because of Shutter speed. Yesterday, I research and found that the minimum speed should be the double of the frames per second. Any other suggestions?
  15. Trailing effect on movement

    Can you show us an example of this, maybe post one of your rejected clips? I've never heard of it before. I tried to but I couldn't. I get the message "No post mode specified". I apologize since I am new.