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  1. fresh out of the oven. Published less than an hour ago But do they know, the cut in royalties to contributors?
  2. If every time one sold an image in 10cents, one clicked a SS add in Google, they would lose money. I guess this comment would be deleted . hahaha
  4. And the dump of shares continues... Almost every day a batch is sold. This ship is sinking and they know it MY IMAGES ARE IN THE DISABLING PROCESS DOWN FROM 8000+
  5. I have a question, do the images in Bigstock are sold through SS as well? They are still paying 29 cents. How does this work? Any comments?
  6. In my view, SS with this move is downgrading to compete with smaller stock agencies. It seems the competition from Adobe hit them hard. So they repositioned to compete with smaller fish in the pond. It's like an animal with the tail between its legs running for safety. It is curious that Adobe immediately after changed its icon to black and white (same as Getty and Alamy), SO AS TO INDICATE: We are aiming higher now!
  7. I think that he sold just because the stock price is Overvalued according to financial institutions. At the least negative piece of news it will fall. But unfortunately our tragedy has gotten deaf-ears on big business media outlets. Also, there is no mainstream interest in the company among investors. Only one specialist is covering the stock with a rating of HOLD.
  8. This will be seen in the next Earnings Call. This is a publicly traded company. All financial data is published here. https://investor.shutterstock.com/
  9. Today DT reported two subscription sales at 0.38 each. What they offered it would start on June 1, has already started. Before that I only got 0.35 per subscription image. Just that you know
  10. Removing your portfolio also causes a drop in SEO ranking...plus nuisance to buyers who do a Google search. I think SS are rigging the system or even maybe even buying from some contributors. On June 2 I had three sales in the order of 15 dollars each which I hadn't had in LONG LONG LONG time. So don't trust. I set my photo portfolio to NO SELL (second time I do it). The first time it was gone in one day. This second time is taking forever. It has already been 2 days and it hasn't arrive to half way....I will stay for video and see what happens...
  11. It is my idea that we all stop uploading content so SS customers are forced to go elsewhere in look for fresh relevant content
  12. PLEASE, please, please ignore divisions and futile arguments. He who wants to do a different thing, or think in a different way than the majority, so be it. Congratulations and good luck is what we should wish that person. Please, don't let your desire to win a futile argument turn you into a loser. Now all this thread it is about anger between us and not towards the main issue. REMEMBER THE SAYING: Divide and Conquer. Be fast to think and slow to speak. I beg you...peace between us. Think hard, if this battle is lost; every other agency will follow through. This battle is not only about SS. I
  13. This is all about COST to them. If we show them that GOOD CONTRIBUTORS (I don't count myself in) are willing to go, and that to replace them it will take time and money, then ONLY then they will hear.
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