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  1. I did click on it. What made me to do it? The fact that I changed payment email address and Darla's post made me thinking maybe it takes time for Payment team to get the new email address and the money are hanging indeed in between Shutterstock and Paypal. What happened? It took me to the Paypal's or bad guy's website which looks very likely and asks to create a Personal account. A month ago I received an email from Shutterstock saying: "We recently discovered your details on a list of usernames, email addresses, and passwords related to data breaches at other organizations. As
  2. I did the email address change on Shutterstock and Paypal at the same time, a week before that email came in.
  3. I received an email saying: "Shutterstock Images C.V. sent you money! $139.35 Get your money in just a few easy steps. Click the button below to get started. Claim Your Money Claim your $139.35 by November 6, 2016 or it will be returned to the sender." And this is exact amount to be sent from SS for September. It looks like it's coming from PayPal, but there is nothing there about pending payment or claiming. I contacted SS and Paypal, but to get a proper reply from them takes weeks sometimes. I am not sure should I worry or not about this.
  4. Same here, uploaded from UK during 13/02 and 14/02 few video clips, 200 - 400 MB alltogether, uploaded via FTP as usual, but clips don't show up in content editor; tried one clip today, the 15th of Feb, still the same. Usually after uploading you can see them in Editor after 1 -2 hours.
  5. After I upload clips thumbnails show up and disappear, red crosses show up instead. This happening for two days now. One clip out of about ten uploads managed to stay in Unfinished area. Tried same and different videos. I've read photo forum, they have the same problem.
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