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  1. I have been using Payoneer for 2 months now. In term of user interface, it is not as good as PayPal. However, I will be using Payoneer over PayPal simply because of the reasons below. 1. The conversion rate is about 1-2% percent cheaper than PayPal. So, better change to Payoneer whenever you can. 2. The money transferred to your local bank account is at least a few days faster than PayPal. 3. The referral program is good because when I referred someone in, we both will get $25 after he/she received $1000. My referral link is https://share.payoneer.com/nav/EGUMZLNgQhdgf72LgscgHKToN7jOIElb0Bf257cEW6B0ZhhpLRpK6TgsVVJJjw-240fVItlrTH_SpNlnyYnvbw2 Please use my referral link above to sign up because both of us will earn $25. For your information, you don't need to sign up to Payoneer Prepaid Mastercard to receive and transfer money. So no hidden charges or whatsover. I have tried and confirmed. Anything you don't understand, just ask here or private message me.
  2. What is Shutterstock positions regarding Title and Keywords now? It seems to me the keyword spamming is back and no actions is taken. These people are gaining huge advantage over honest people in search ranking. Here are two simple example of keyword spamming. https://www.shutterstock.com/image-vector/vector-silhouette-yoga-woman-lotus-pose-411050023?src=4mppx_Yv1mWnegrNLLvg2w-1-63 (there's 13 yoga in the keywords) https://www.shutterstock.com/image-vector/vector-banner-ribbons-awards-elements-set-558966211?src=hWn4S2dw5Imbi4oroItNwQ-1-0 (there's 10 ribbon in the keywords) Can Shutterstock reply?
  3. Declining trend actually started somewhere at March/April 2013.
  4. Ok, as promised, here's my findings. I have just withdrawn USD100 from both account PayPal and Payoneer at the same time and convert to my Malaysian Ringgit. The money (in Ringgit Malaysia) have already reached my bank account so I can confirm that there's no other hidden fees or whatsover. PayPal: USD100 become MYR413.7 Payoneer: USD100 become MYR418.2 So, that's about 1% different between PayPal and Payoneer with Payoneer having the better deal for us. For your information, I did not apply for Payoneer Mastercard as I understand there's some kind of fee when you withdraw that money from the card. My above information applies to USD to MYR. So, I do not about you guys since we are staying in different country and the conversion rate may be different. But with that extra 1%, I am switching all my PayPal transactions to Payoneer.
  5. I have read and did quite some diggings about the comparison. It seems Payoneer gives a slightly higher conversion/transaction rate over PayPal. However, I cannot confirm this. So, I decided the best way is to give it a try myself. Next month, I will withdraw both Payoneer and PayPal to my local bank account at the same time. This will give me an ultimate result and confirmation. Keep in touch. All of us need to work together on this matter to give ourselves probably that extra 0.5% to 1%.
  6. WTF? This kind of spam still exist? Total garbage.
  7. It is "day light hunk".... not "day light hung"....
  8. I just did a test. It does appears regardless of any combination as long as the "keywords" are there . So this is really to his advantage. Man, we are done with same-keyword-title-spamming, and now we got this? People are really finding ways to abuse SS systems. I wonder how long will it takes for SS to take action on this again before it all bloated up. Take a look at this search. https://www.shutterstock.com/search?searchterm=30s+day+light+hunk&search_source=base_search_form&language=en&page=1&sort=newest&image_type=all&safe=true
  9. +1. Please suggest the Daily Summary Page as well
  10. Will we ever see an efficient earning pages ever again? It has been over a month of this torturous troublesome pages.
  11. To be honest, I don't care much about the dashboard (although, I like the old one a whole lot more). But the new daily earning summary page is one of the thing I hate most about Shutterstock nowadays (even more so than the major falling of sales). How am I going to check the performance of my latest uploads? Please return the old one back.
  12. It better has a way to sort today's download by ID (or latest upload). That's by far the most important feature. And no extra clicking, please.
  13. Yes, this old page is so perfect https://submit.shutterstock.com/stats_date.mhtml Please remains it forever and ever.
  14. Yes, all upload ends up in error. This is an example of critical problem that should be fixed and not "improvement" on stats page.
  15. Gosh, this new design is the worst among all other agencies. The old design is good because we can instantly view everything that happen in the day. We can also check the performance of our new images. With this new design, we wouldn't able to keep track of the performance of latest uploads. Please, revert it back. Don't fix something that is not broken.