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  1. Okay, I will put my title in as a longer description now instead. Thank you. I use picworkflow to upload a lot of my work.
  2. I guess I'm old fashioned in that I view a title different than a description. It's separated in my file meta data so I have always strived to make them nice. I consider the Title a short overview of the subject I would limit to about 5 words. Then I would write the Description by going into more detail with sentences describing the image. I saw the Description I wrote but could not find the Title as I described it. So now I will put it all together in Description meta data from now on.
  3. Where have all the titles to images gone? I thought they used to be uploaded in still images but when looking through my and others portfolios I don't see any titles, only descriptions. Did Shutterstock do away with all the titles? I take a lot of time to use up the 200 characters available which is a combination of title and description. But after I upload I only see the characters my descriptions counted. Why is Shutterstock deleting or not uploading the titles I invested so much time in? I use photoshop elements to put my metadata in file Info. Some sites separate out titles from description, others do not. How do I make it so all my titles are used? Am I going to have to just cut and paste my titles in before beginning of description in Shutterstock in order to use all my 200 characters? Or are the titles being used somehow just without anyone seeing them? If I put title in Title field and Title at start of description in meta data Info before uploading to get title in 200 characters allowed, I will most likely be deleting it from a lot of other sites or doing a lot of cutting and pasting. Any thoughts on how to solve this? Or insight into Shutterstocks thoughts on Titles? Thanks
  4. Hi, When submitting image or footage files is it okay if the file names are in all upper case instead of lower case? For example, instead of naming a file, 2018-5-2-809-fun-beach-people-sunny-day.jpg, is it okay to submit it in all upper case like the following?, 2018-5-2-809-FUN-BEACH-PEOPLE-SUNNY-DAY.JPG I am just asking about file names only, not title, description or keywords Thanks
  5. The contributor app is not updating recent sold pics in Activity like it used to. It only shows Track Your Progress. Upload your content.(ETC).. and asks me to, Upload Images Now. Earnings do look up to date. I can only see recent pictures sold in the desktop version, not the app on my android mobile device, Samsung S4. I did delete the app and reinstalled the latest version 1.4 twice but still no daily pictures of what recently sold like it used to. It hasn't been working correctly since last week sometime. I have sold pictures since then. Could you please fix this somehow? I really liked seeing the pictures of what recently sold in my mobile app. Thanks, Lee UPDATE I did just poke around in the app some more and found that if I click on the current months sales in Earnings and click on specific dates of sales, it will bring up the pictures of what sold on those dates along with the royalty. I did like it better when it showed up in Activity as a rolling showing of what sold.
  6. Serenethos

    Problems with FTP

    I just had 2 footage from uploads a few days ago show up in Content Overview and was able to submit them for review. Thanks Shutterstock.
  7. Serenethos

    Problems with FTP

    OK, I looked up how to turn on logging in Cyberduck so I can send it to Shutterstock to see if they can figure out why it seems to be uploading but Shutterstock never seems to receive it. I will share it here just in case it would help someone. In Cyberduck, go to View, click on Toggle Log Drawer. A panel will pop out of the bottom of the window. Go to Open Connection and type or paste into server: ftp.shutterstock.com Press connect and it will fill in the Toggle Log Drawer with the log for your connection history with Shutterstock. Then if Shutterstock requests to see a copy of your log you can copy it and email it to them to see if they can figure out why they aren't receiving the FTP uploads. I'm not very techy and I think this seems correct. If anybody has any more insight into this, please share. Thanks.
  8. Serenethos

    Problems with FTP

    It'd be nice if Shutterstock added a browser uploader for footage. 10 hours and still waiting for my FTP upload to appear. Have not written support yet. Maybe they are having lots of FTP uploads and the wait will be longer than normal. Will try to wait over 24 hours to see if it shows up then maybe write support. Guess I've been learning more patience this month. Good luck to everyone.
  9. Serenethos

    Problems with FTP

    I uploaded one 18 second footage with Cyberduck FTP with usual settings about 5 hours ago and it hasn't shown up yet to final submit. It usually shows up within a few minutes.
  10. Some submitter guidelines for footage can be found on this page past General and Images section. http://submit.shutterstock.com/guidelines.mhtml Other information can be found here http://submit.shutterstock.com/submitted_footage.mhtml
  11. Thanks for your advice. I understand what you are saying and I agree up to a point. But, it does not totally answer my original 2 questions. I would like to try to submit the similar footage because I think the props added help the idea. I really believe in the idea and the props make it more understandable which may increase its commercial value. I just want to make sure it isn't counted as a resubmission based on similar qualities to a separately shot video or picture. Are separately shot similar's to rejected footage or images ever counted as resubmissions whether it's submitted in the same or different format? Update: I asked a reviewer on a different site the original two questions and below is his answer (reprinted with permission). I assume it would be the same on Shutterstock, I just wanted to be sure because I'm trying to be so careful. "Submitting a different file would not be considered re-submission. Although if an original clip was already rejected, a very similar clip would almost certainly be rejected for the same reason. So we would suggest you avoid submitting such similar clips unless you felt that they are significantly more likely to be approved. "
  12. I had a footage rejected with a note to not resubmit because of lcv. I will not resubmit the same exact video. Is submitting separately made footage that was doing basically the same thing in the same scene as a rejected footage except with props added to the floor ever considered a resubmission? Is submitting a separately made image of the main action of a rejected footage ever considered a resubmission?
  13. Man measuring his own blood pressure. http://www.shutterstock.com/pic-62653849/stock-photo-man-measuring-his-own-blood-pressure.html
  14. http://www.shutterstock.com/pic-62333848/stock-photo-abstract-blue-purple-red-roads-on-white-background-many-paths-of-blue-and-purple-intertwine.html
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