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  1. Richard Whitcombe


    Focus being out, exposure being off, white balance being off might be an issue though. I dont think the photo is what he was on about though, it was some sort of FTP question but i cant understand whats being asked.
  2. Richard Whitcombe

    Doom & Gloom 2

    Actually what i forgot to add is this month so far is a complete absence of any video sales what-so-ever (as opposed to 5 or so a week). Looking back through my stats i haven't had this happen for several years.
  3. Richard Whitcombe


    I dont understand anything in the initial post. And all i see is a mobile phone photo with everything blurred and 1000 trademark violations.
  4. Why the spam/malware links at the end of the original post?
  5. Richard Whitcombe

    4K footage not showing in search with HD filter choosed

    This thread should not be allowed to die even if its now clear SS have no intention of fixing this. If nothing else it should alert newer users to not bother with 4k content here.
  6. Richard Whitcombe

    Doom & Gloom 2

    Halfway through the month and new stuff is selling for the first time like crazy still. And all for subscription. And none of the older stuff that sells on a daily basis is selling at all. Result:- still down roughly 50% on my 6 monthly average.
  7. Richard Whitcombe

    Ftp upload unsecure

    This has been mentioned for at least 10 years that i know of. They're aware. I'm fairly certain they don't care given the time frame and lack of response.
  8. Richard Whitcombe

    POPULAR button is gone and sales are horror!!!

    To be fair, above we're talking tiny numbers comparing to tiny numbers. Single figure sales per day dropping to single figure sales per day isn't actually anything approaching a statistically significant sample to determine any sort of useful trend from.
  9. Richard Whitcombe

    Doom & Gloom 2

    I think they've changed something for the worse again. Im seeing a LOT more "sold for first time" this month and very little old, established, good earners are selling at all since the start of the month. Its a very sudden change. Also those sales are all subs. The result ism so far im 75% down on the last 6 month average.
  10. Richard Whitcombe


    Its not hostile. Its honesty and answering the question. If someone is uploading rubbish, pretending its all good and lying to them wont help them change or improve. If you don't want the answer, don't ask the question. Also, if a contributor is too lazy to spend 5 seconds reading this forum or searching then really they dont deserve a lot of help. If they cant be bothered to put less than a minute of work and research into why they arent selling then why should anyone else spend longer writing a reply? Again i blame SS here for accepting images that are awful which should never have been approved in the first place and have zero chance of selling. They have no QC and its utterly depressing to see how far into the gutter they've sunk. Quite simply, they're misleading new contributors.
  11. Richard Whitcombe

    No payment - already 2nd or 3rd month? What's going on

    Its normal. Always has been.
  12. Richard Whitcombe

    Jared Polin Reviews Canon EOS R...

    Guessing its not possible but i cant find any tests on this yet.... Specifically im wondering how much the adaptor affects the AF performance of the L series tele lenses (100-400 II etc). Typically adapting these to Sony absolutely murders the AF performance at the long end of the scale. If Canon can adapt these lenses with NO loss of AF speed and accuracy that'd be a big selling point.
  13. Richard Whitcombe

    Jared Polin Reviews Canon EOS R...

    There are rumours of an APS-C R mount as well. I wanted this camera to be good, i wanted an upgrade but sadly its not. Its basically premium price for 4 year old tech (and actually worse than entry level if you do sport). I also want to do more timelapse on my main cameras so mirrorless silent shooting would be ideal...Except the R cant do it. As it stands i guess im stuck 6 months or more waiting for something else good to get released.
  14. Richard Whitcombe

    Jared Polin Reviews Canon EOS R...

    Seems to contradict a lot of other reviewers too. For me a few things stand out that really cripple it: - the real world 2-3 FPS for continuous shooting with AF mode making it almost useless for sport and wildlife. - Silent shooting available for single shot only. The whole attraction of mirrorless is not to kill a shutter with actuation for things like timelapse. - Dated sensor - its the 5D4 sensor several years on. Miles behind the opposition - 1.7 crop for 4k video. Kind of defeats the point of a full frame camera for 4k! - video rolling shutter is one of the worst seen on any DSLR - Eye AF basically doesnt work if you're more than 3ft away Now some of those could be firmware fixes, maybe some aren't. Its a first iteration and the best description i saw was its a camera Canon made for Canon not for customers really. They had to get a basic one out there to push on from there so this is it. I so much wanted it to be better. Im due an upgrade but currently the EOS R would be a downgrade.