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  1. Spent a fair bit of time in portland. Nearly always different colour grey skies, nearly always cold, nearly always drizzle. The days its not actually raining its normally cloudy. I really wanted more than 1 week a year where the weather was acceptably warm (or cold) and sky clear enough to see things. I moved abroad in 2006 as a result. Im in the UK at the moment but only temporarily, ill be going somewhere nicer again very very soon! ...and its 10am, ive had the lights on all morning as its dark outside, theres been rain falling for hours, its 13 degrees and a strong wind and no incentive to go outdoors at all...Welcome to summer.
  2. The problem is a ton of editorial images are doctored on here as well (well over simple levels etc, i mean cloning) so simply going with editorial is no guarantee the image is realistic.
  3. Background is in there because its been keyword spams for years and years so the AI links it to most images. Thereby continuing the trend. Another issue i found is something to do with my entry technique, id type in a keyword i wanted, the laggy interface finds a compound one and when i hit enter it selects that not the individual word i wanted to put in. I spent a while re-editing to removing unwanted compound keywords as a result of that. The main problem with AI is its learning off big-data. Garbage in-Garbage out applies. So if there are enough mis-labelled images there it'll suggest those labels, people will use them and the problem continues. Its not AI as in understanding the image, its very simply collating keywords based on user suggested images. FWIW google isnt amazing at it yet either. I did a reverse image search on one of mine to see where its been used and it game up with this suggestion to what it is:-
  4. I live near the coast and worked around it for years. Its the same dull, grey drizzle with the damp, energy sucking cold there too. Hot is nice. Cold is nice. Sun is nice. Snow is nice. Thunderstorms and exciting weather are nice. The UK gets none of those at all.
  5. Disagree with that. Temperature hits 25c here people start moaning - thats not hot by the rest of planet earth standards. And thats 3 or 4 days a year. If you're lucky its the same number of sunsets per year.
  6. Ive never seen 4 distinct season. Summer is about 15-20 degrees, grey and drizzle. Winter is about 5 degrees, grey and drizzle. We dont get summers, never gets hot, dont get winters, never gets cold. Just average everything all year round. Its utterly utterly depressing. Ive never seen any other country with such average, unexciting,unchanging climate - its the main reason i had to move abroad.
  7. Yes its laggy, delay when you type while it tries to think of compound keywords to suggest. Its annoying.
  8. Welcome to the UK where it never gets hot, never gets cold, never gets a sunset and the sky is a constantly, flat grey the entire time. Its got probably the most depressing climate on earth.
  9. I was earning between $0.5 and $1.00 a month with BS whilst earning $400 a month on SS with the same images. Needless to say, i stopped contributing.
  10. Last time i went to Miami i dont recall feeling like i was living in an alternate HDR enhanced universe.
  11. A basic $500 DSLR will do all of the above except the "lose focus when zooming" as thats the lens not the camera. Even the basic entry DSLRs will have all manual modes needed to do whats asked. Shutter lag and the mentioned problems vanished years ago even on compact and never existed on DSLRs.
  12. Finding it average so far, month started off well (payout made on day 1 etc) but tailed off the last week. Picking up again now. It seems almost exactly average for a normal month at this point with earnings. Last month was a BME by a long way though so its a bit of a let down.
  13. RF Commercial is used by everyone, media and for profit. Editorial cannot be used in the same way. So ultimately commercial RF has far more market than editorial. News and media agencies dont search for editorial alone, they just search for whatever suits the article.
  14. The warning is just that, SS ftp server does not support TLS encryption over the link. ITs not an error or a bug, its by design. Its bad, its an ancient and horrific concept security wise but ultimately it is what it is. This wont be fixed with the errors, the FTP server has never supported TLS (lots of other MS sites dont either). It means all your login details are being sent totally unencrypted for anyone with access to the link to intercept.
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