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  1. Oh I don't know. I'm about to get banned judging by this private message:
  2. They'd have planned for the outrage. They'll be confident enough people will submit for the lower money that overall they'll win. Remember this is what iS did before. They've seen it happen, they know how it'll pan out.
  3. Well BigStock has a waiting period on earnings if you dont meet payout and they are owned by SS......
  4. Ill ask again.. WHEN do people advance a level? If they hit the number on the 2nd day of the month do they spend that entire month on their lower tier or do they can advanced immediately? That makes a huge difference to earnings.
  5. We have done exactly that. Thats how we have values of 6 cents. So "not less than 10 cents" cant possibly be a percentage fix. Another very important detail is WHEN do people advance a level? Is it immediately when they hit a figure? Is it the end of that month? Because it its monthly thats even worse than thought.
  6. They pay a fixed fee so yes you do. SS keeps the change.
  7. I cant wait to see this graph on MSG ( https://www.the microstock group forum /index.php?page=PollResults ) after June. That light blue line is going to nosedive. And in January its going to be hidden under the coloured mess at the bottom. Make sure you all update it so EVERYONE can see. Maybe SS stock holders will see it too...
  8. Ive asked a few times what the MAXIMUM will be. No answer. Why isnt there a full updated earnings schedule uploaded ready to go? Or havent SS got round to deciding what to charge yet? After all, 5 day to go. Loads of time...
  9. No. its been tried countless times. It doesnt work. Coding, server capacity, network links, secure processing, advertising and marketing in a MASSIVELY competitive market. It wont happen.
  10. Its this year. Email says that. Handy given april and may most peoples sales have crashed due to covid. Keeps more people on lower levels...
  11. Same. The factories are the only ones that'll win here and win on bulk. Everyone else loses. Realistically for me the best i can hope for in a year is after a few months to get onto a tier thats 5% lower than im currently getting. Factor in the much lower earnings from january to get to that stage and im losing big time. Video currently makes up 40% of my earnings. This new thing is based on numbers. Its going to obliterate that figure,
  12. Yet you wasted time to write that post. Do you have unlimited LIFETIME?
  13. The maximum is more important. That could also be 0.10.... The whole thing is ridiculous, they introduce a policy that clearly they've been planning a long time with 5 DAYS notice to contributors. In releasing it they have a major mistake in the email to contributors and NO public updated earnings schedule to even inform people what money they'll get to what. And the forum person (i feel sorry for her having that job. genuinely) seemingly hasnt been briefed to answer the obvious basic questions. Its utterly amateur. The very least they can do with a policy they KNOW is going to be utterly hated is have ALL the details available. People stand to lose hundreds or thousands of dollars and potentially for some, a career. To not even tell them the numbers to allow them to calculate is almost vindictive.
  14. If you'd asked me yesterday id have said not worth it. But working out that i could be down 80% of earnings here soon (and EVERY january...) even without exclusive AS is going to earn more than SS so i'd seriously consider it for images at least.
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