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  1. Richard Whitcombe

    The move to Florida...

    Shallow water without a strobe usually come out OK with manual white balance. You can buy Magic Filter to help a lot with actual colour balance which again works well enough in shallow (50ft or less) tropical waters. Cost about $40 rather than $2500 for strobes.
  2. Richard Whitcombe

    The move to Florida...

    That depends on how good the EVF is.... Some were awful, laggy, low resolution and terrible to use! For for cameras underwater, thats why i have to own 4 bodies the same. The last flood and complete loss was last xmas day. It happens - take a camera underwater often enough and eventually its going to drown.
  3. Richard Whitcombe

    Doom & Gloom 2

    Yeah my sales somewhat suspiciously start off really good then mid month suddenly drop off producing a suspiciously similar average income every month.
  4. Richard Whitcombe

    4K footage not showing in search with HD filter choosed

    I think they're non action sort of answered the question.... You certainly dont want to upload in 4K only here....
  5. Richard Whitcombe

    Is there a Forum Moderator here anymore.? I mean seriously.

    Thats what IS did. Looked too negative when google picked it up so it got closed years ago. I can see SS doing the same to hide any issues.
  6. Richard Whitcombe

    The eternal mystery of keywords used

    The auto keywords produce nonsense like this too. It sees "young" and thinks "old" is related to suggests to add that etc.
  7. Richard Whitcombe

    DJI Spark - anyone using it for stock?

    FWIW a crop factor of about 2.67 i think vs 1.6 for APS-C. But significantly bigger than the old sensors. Its a big upgrade.
  8. Richard Whitcombe

    4K footage not showing in search with HD filter choosed

    .....does anyone still actually believe SS have any intention on fixing this?
  9. Richard Whitcombe

    DJI Spark - anyone using it for stock?

    Its significantly smaller than APS-C....
  10. Richard Whitcombe

    Track your sales?

    Its also why its virtually impossible to look for misuse of licence and so on.
  11. Richard Whitcombe

    DJI Spark - anyone using it for stock?

    Its a great little drone and the pro 2 is a huge step up from the mavic 1 in terms of camera quality.
  12. Richard Whitcombe

    The hazards of drone stock photography

    If a service is free, YOU are the product. There's nothing i hate more than adverts so i would and am willing to pay for services that done have ads.
  13. Richard Whitcombe

    The hazards of drone stock photography

    To be honest im less worried about private companies (who i probably consented) to use my data in exchange for a service i find useful than i am the government (goverments as its shared.) having access to it, in bulk to do whatever they want with little or no oversight and transparency. The UK is one of the most invasive surveillance regimes in the western world and the RIPA act makes it far far more sinister.
  14. Richard Whitcombe

    The hazards of drone stock photography

    If you're in the UK then throwing/attack a drone is a serious criminal offence as its classed as an aircraft (which is perfectly fine in my view). I'd certainly push to prosecute anyone doing that. If someone is illegal film it and report it - the new laws allow large and on the spot fines for people breaking the ANO. Its perfectly possible to operate a drone legally without endangering anyone and following the ANO and people that dont give the whole thing a bad name. There is no surveillance aspect of a drone. Most have 20-30mm lens equivalents and assuming they're legal a person from 50m away on a 24mm lens is about 3 pixels tall. They're for landscapes and thats about it. I'd have no qualms at all reporting a drone operator flying illegally to the authorities in the same way i'd do exactly the same to someone illegally attempting to damage a drone. Realistically, if they're legal (50m minimum from people) nobody is going to be able to hit it with a rock. Generally if you can hit it with a rock, the drone is probably too close.
  15. Richard Whitcombe

    $1.50 Video Sale?!?!?!?!

    They'll argue its 30% of what SS make on it.. After Wix has taken a commission first.