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  1. Sounds right. As I wrote befor, I'm using too many words myself. I think I'll try to behave ... 😆
  2. So few keywords - but still ten important words highlighted. Seems fair enough. Still odd they have the green and orange bar ... I’ve always heard that the more keywords the better ..! Maybe I should limit them. 50 keywords generates a lot of spamming - there and elsewhere. I’m also spamming trying to hit 50 words. 😡
  3. Not many sales at A, but a few sales a month is as good - or better - than lots of sales at SS (profitable that is ....).
  4. You are an awesome and experienced contributor, so your question puzzels me. Another thing I think about is what kind of portraits and for which purpose? Do you e.g. have model releases?
  5. I wonder if that means that if you are a Cavan contributor you don't have to upload to e.g. Shutterstock and Adobe because it goes through Cavan ..???
  6. Seems like they are also at Offset by Shutterstock! But in my view the images are not better the the best of the ‘cheap’ Shutterstock ... but of course - like Offset - without millions of crap. https://www.offset.com/agency/Cavan+Images
  7. Yes unfortunately, and even SS can’t obviously control it ...
  8. Ha ha - yes also what I think. I regretted I wrote ‘stock’ ...! 😝
  9. Yes, it’s a problem one can’t see and try a camera today ...!
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