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  1. Yes, why ..??? Have you tried ..?
  2. Oh my god - this is an old thread ..! How do they pop up ..?
  3. Just out of curiosity - why are you using so many keywords ..? πŸ€“
  4. Hi - maybe you didn't get an answer about the FTP problems because it don't occur to others ..? In that case it's hard to help. You're right that Shutterstock isn't giving support. You're right about he inconsistensy of reviews. But I think the biggest problem with SS is the new low payment which is a (bad) joke - I think all contributors exept a few (don't want to mention names ..!) are furious about it.
  5. Robbery at broad daylight .. πŸ˜΅πŸ’°
  6. It's the texture of the wall and/or the part at right not in focus. Seems like it's AI reviewing and it dont like certain textures. Resubmit until accepted and maybe you should write 'selective focus' in the caption - if you haven't done it. Nice photo by the way!.
  7. Yes, I think so. I have always filled in a form for every image if the location differs - even if they're shot the same day. But then again I don't upload that many images. And yes - for 10 cent it seems rediculous and a waste of time ..!
  8. I have just had a quotation of Charles Darwin rejected for intellectual property ...! He died almost 140 years ago ....
  9. In this case I agree with SS - if it’s not submitted as editorial ...
  10. Primus - I mean top earner contributors or images are not on the first page.
  11. I wonder if the thieves really submit sketches and/or property releases. Or if they have another way out ..? I remember that thieves of photographs could somehow manage to break all the SS rules and still be accepted.
  12. Old images can suddently sell - also after some years. And yes - AS and Alamy seem to accept everything these days ... SS is now one of the most difficult to acceptwise ....
  13. Ok - I thought you were using the W-8 BEN for all countries outside US.
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