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  1. String of Unacceptable Editorial Caption Rejections

    I remember I have experienced they don't like punctuation in the captions any more? Have anybody the same experience ..?
  2. Please do not spam-upload!

    Yes - I’ve seen some of them and got a headache. But at least the motifs are all very different ..!
  3. How to call this - what do you think?

    You’re so right, Laurin, but the competition today with this kind of illustrations is unbelievable!
  4. Please do not spam-upload!

    This is crazy ..!
  5. Please do not spam-upload!

    Seems like they don’t care of anything these days - exept property rights and model releases ...
  6. Please do not spam-upload!

    I couldn't agree more - there's lots and lots of spam - same images from slightly different angels and some color manipulation and it fills page after page. I't horrible and I also thought it was not allowed ...
  7. iMovie 4k Export Settings

    4K and best ...
  8. Ha ha - most of us are also trying to get the shot of a crowded tourist attraction the moment there are no people - or few people - in the frame. When you see the image in a tourist media you’ll be disappointed by the never ending crowd of tourists! Is that non-ethical ..?
  9. Copyright infringement

    I also saw that one of the stolen images was inverted.
  10. Copyright infringement

    I agree 100%
  11. Copyright infringement

    Both of them ..?
  12. Customer Question

    I think lots of buyers go directly to ‘New’ to find images not used (very much) before.
  13. Copyright infringement

    Yes, seems like stealing photos is more widespread that one should think ..! Kuwar Mohit Singh also has a problem, but that port is very small.