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  1. As we are all aware, basically anyone can sue anybody. If a person or animal rights organization thinks it is unethical to dress animals in clothes and exhibit them, then they are in its best right to sue the photographer for animal cruelty. In addition - no one who shoot editorial photos knows for sure not to be sued for something.
  2. Would you say this is an editorial or illustrative editorial image ..?
  3. Alex - what can the risk be? You only shot the image. It’t differen when people are in the picture, then it’s risky.
  4. I think he means this one in the bottom left of the dashbord.
  5. An illustrative editorial image used as commercial - I would say that it's the buyers/users responsibility. So sell ..! 😃
  6. It seems like you reach the highets leves at Shutterstock quite fast - whatever that means moneywise ...? On the downside - in my view - you can't make your own captions and keywords and most importantly you don't have control of your images. Also they keep a fee (well deserved!). If something happens with Wirestock are your images still active at the agencies? You have to upload a lot of images to gain from Wirestock for else it's just as easy to do it yourself. But it seems some big earners are happy with Wirestock. I uploaded a batch to Wirestock two weeks ago - images I could not bear to k
  7. Hi Alex - thanks for an interesting interview. 10.000 uploads (an low set estimat, it must be much more) in 3 years and 100+ sales - including dresses, hairdress, makeup, props, locations and maybe model fee somtimes. And I bet that for contributors Arcangel is also suffering from overproduction and lower payments because contributors are now flocking there. I don’t know the fee, but it must be at least 200 dollars/image?
  8. Also the price of ‘gas’ is going way up and down so you have to consider that when you buy/sell …
  9. Why do you mention her name? Is she a celebrity? If not it it isn’t necessary or descriptive and way out of the context - and I don’t know if it’s even legal. Also if she is under 18 you the a model release from the parents. But I can see you already have uploaded som images of her, so I can’t see why they want another model release or what’s wrong with caption or description (or else I would say the clothing could be a problem). But try to reconsider writing the model’s names.
  10. A few years and only 200 images ..!? That’s way too few. Also I would stongly suggest that you lighten up your images if you want to continue with stock. 😀
  11. Maybe this one? https://vocal.media/fyi/cool-facts-about-ernest-hemingway
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