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  1. Funny how some of you keep on posting that you don’t want to opt in with your images that sell well ...!? Of course not - why should you ..? It’s a free choise - AS is not forcing you.
  2. But you can get buy images very cheap at SS, and even get some for free, and use them in the same way. And you get 10 cent.
  3. If it don’t say ‘exciting news’ it’s not from Shutterstock ..! 😂
  4. Maybe they hope someone will accept them. Maybe they are not looking at the image sales. Also some of my best sellers were suggested, and also some selling well at other agencies, but why should I care? - Just leaving them out. A few of the zero sales are hopeless images without sale potential. Wonder if they will pay for them ...?
  5. Congrats - but it’s a disgrace of the port is not closed completely down .. 😡
  6. Sari - the images I would 'sell' now have never sold here there or everywhere ... Of course I would never 'sell' an image to Adobe which sells in other agensies.
  7. But it would be crazy to accept an image with continous downloads! You’re free to choose which ones and not all the suggested images ... (but I’m sure you know that ...😝).
  8. Wilm - yes it’s funny that images that you haven’t sold before - or maybe one or two times suddently pop up for a good price ..! 😜
  9. I'm sorry - I know it's not the right forum - but how can I see the images they have chosen ..?
  10. It says “If selected, these could be worth UP TO a total upfront payment of ...” But maybe it’s worth a try with images never sold ..! 🤔 If selected. It's always dubious when a post starts with “Exiting news ...” ! 😜
  11. The first one, yes. But not the two others imo. The image of the building can be rejected because of property restrictions. John, I would suggest you try another agency. Almost all others are accepting images that Shutterstock reject (exept for Bigstock - which is also Shutterstock, they are extremely stickt, But I don’t upload til Bigstock any more because of too few sales - almost none).
  12. I don’t think he have to shorten them because of that. SS will never find them anyway.
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