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  1. The ‘quality’ is as good as a lot others here imo. But for me it’s a great mystery why Some Very active people who are uploading lots and lots of images can get away with so many similars and others get punished by uploading just two versions of the same motif but not similars ..! 😰
  2. Wonder how Stocksubmitter can deal with all the captions and keywords of different agencies - especially iStock/Getty ... 🤔 Programmers must be geniusses.
  3. Thre are some problems as mentioned before. But I also think SS is using some kind if AI in the initial process which often mean problems with water, grass and foliage. And you have all three of them here ...! 😵
  4. Terrible to see those 0,10, 0,12, 0,13 and 0,14 ..! 🤮
  5. Yes, I see your point Jose. I have only seen a few of your images and the captions is generally good though. But another thing that I wonder is that you are not writing ‘a FEMALE israelic solder’. By the way I’m not anyway near your ambitions ..! 😁 Good luck - I wish you lots of sales here and everywhere 👍
  6. Jose, I admire your energy. But if your system or your bustle don't even allow to put the name of the fruits in the caption or keywords I don't think it's worth much - except expanding your port ..?
  7. Shutterstock ought to crack down on this by their own. It only show that Youtube are not capable to deal with theft and other crimes on their own, they have to be forced to it. But naked people THAT they can remove at once and punish the user! Also seems like SS in general don’t care about theft, which I don’t understand .. 😡
  8. Your accout is still up and running. Seems like I could buy your images but I didn't go all the way ....
  9. I can only say that they used to be very quick and nice to come up with a positive dialog. Maybe they have too much 'succes' right now ..?
  10. Yes, the system must work so there’s the small and average earners who are selling for peanuts - if they are not leaving (SS don’t mind) and the big earners who are in a position so they can make deals with SS.
  11. Even if SS will not admit it, there must be some kind of AI involved in the initial proces. I would think the ribs of the leaves are puzzling the system (like water drops, snow and so on ..). I think the image is fine - if it’s in focus ..! Do as @Kirk Fisher suggest and write “Selective focus on (one of the) leaves”. Always a good idea.
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